Friday, August 15, 2008

3rd Party Card Pricing

Question: What is my card worth?

Answer: Whatever someone is willing to pay YOU at the exact moment in time you want to sell.

Before ever, and I mean ever, picking up a rag like Beckett to check your card's current "Book Value" (more on this antiquated term later), try searching for your card on eBay under the advanced search listings and select "Completed Listings". You will be instantly provided historical data from the past 60 days showing you an exact range of what your card is worth. For example, as you can see here (or maybe not, sorry for the blurry screen capture) a Joe DiMaggio bat card is worth between $60-$70 bucks. Not the $249 Buy It Now BIN, that some idiot obviously got out of a price guide.

Sorry Beckett, you've become obsolete . . . . . for about 10 years!!


Bob Parker said...

I agree! Beckett is so irrelevant. Prices fluctuate too rapidly. Even the lame monthly is out of date before it even reaches the store. I like some of the online pricing sites like VCP, but wish his sub fee was a bit cheaper. I just compile my own spreadsheet for cards I'm interested in off of feebays completed auctions.

Coimbre21 said...

Pricing guides are just baselines, not rigid prices, maybe for only harder to find cards like a Gehringer R308 or 1966 Topps Venezuelan Clemente, which by the way suffers from the opposite of your complaint, it sells for much more than what Beckett books. I agree many eBay sellers are on crack but some are waiting for just that one collector desperate enough to buy a gem mint Pujols or any other card for book price or more. It's no different from the IT world I work in. There list price for heavy duty datacenter hardware and software and then there's street price.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone can trust eGay's prices, either. There are too many shill bids, or cards that get bid up, and never paid for. eGay is as much of a sham, as Beckett is.

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