Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Donruss Americana Could Be

If the tremendous volume of cards and the prices realized on the secondary market are any indication of its success, all signs point to the fact that Donruss Americana, to date, is a HUGE success. Regardless of how you feel about the existence of a 'pop-culture' trading card set, swift sales of all 3 releases prove there is a legitimate demand for this product.

However, a product like this cries out for commentary because the inclusion or absence of particular personalities creates the opportunity for endless debate. This product has yet to hit a "Grand Slam" in my opinion because some of the names on the checklist have definetly been B or even C level celebrities at best. Below is list of cards and new subsets I’d like to see included in this brand along with a sampling of some of the various memorabilia and autograph combinations that, in my opinion, would make Donruss Americana 2009 an even bigger success.

TV Icons
Bob Barker- Tie Swatch
Alex Trebec
Bill Cosby- Cosby Show worn Sweater Swatch
Linda Carter- Stars or Stripe Swatch from her Wonder Woman costume
Lindsey Wagner
Michael Landon
Alan Alda- Mash worn Surgical Scrubs Swatch
David Hasselhoff- Dual auto with Pam
Pamela Anderson – Baywatch worn Bathing Suit
Jerry Seinfeld- Seinfeld worn “Puffy Shirt” and Gym Shoe Swatches
Keifer Sutherland
Chevy Chase
Gilda Radner
Sam Waterson Law & Order Scene worn Suit Swatch
Joan Collins
Linda Evans- Dual auto w/ Collins
Joan Rivers
David Letterman
Johnny Carson- Cut auto
Aaron Spelling
Julia Louise Dreyfuss- Dual auto w/ Jerry Seinfeld
Gary Coleman- Auto w/ "What are you talking about Willis" notation

Cinema Stars
Roy Scheider (Jaws) Single Auto and Dual w/ Dreyfuss
Richard Dreyfuss
Debra Winger Single and Dual w/ Travolta and Gere
John Travolta
Richard Gere
Harrison Ford- Dual auto w/ Hamilton
Mark Hamill
Jim Belushi- Single and Dual with Akroyd and Triple w/ Murray
Dan Akroyd
Bill Murray
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Sylvester Stallone
Olivia Newton John- Dual auto w/ Travolta
Joe Pesci- Dual auto w/ DeNiro

Cinema Legends
Paul Newman- Dual auto w/ Robert Redford
Raquel Welch
Charlton Heston- Single and Dual w/ Liz Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Robert DeNiro- Single and Dual Auto w/ Pacino
Dustin Hoffman
Steven Speilberg
Al Pacino

America the Beautiful-
(Inserts would be picture of SI Swimsuit or Playboy cover- autographed)
Jenny McCarthy
Cindy Crawford
Anna Nicole Smith
Vanessa Williams
Cheryl Tiegs
Kathy Ireland
Naomi Cambell
Stephanie Seymour
Angie Everhart
Tyra Banks
Christie Brinkley

The Rat Pack
Frank Sinatra- Dual cut auto w/ Dean, triple w/ Sammy
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis Jr.
Joey Bishop
Peter Lawford
John F Kennedy- Dual cut auto w/ Sinatra
Marilyn Monroe- Dual cut auto w/ JFK
Shirley MacLaine

Rock & Pop Stars
Pat Benatar
Madonna- Autos and memorabilia from "Vogue" video
Bee Gees- w/ Triple cut autos (no I'm not a fan but they were iconic)
Van Halen- Spandex Pant Swatch from “Jump” video
Valerie Bertinelli Van Halen- Dual auto w/ Eddie
Aerosmith- Concert worn Boa from Steven Tyler
Grateful Dead- Jerry Garcia Cut Signature
Led Zepplin- Cut Signature from Jon Bonham
Eagles- Original Sheet Music Memorabilia
Prince- Concert Played Guitar Memorabilia
Michael Jackson- Sequenced Glove Swatch and autos (imagain the possibilities; dual with Janet, triple with Janet and Latoya, dual with Liz Taylor, Jackson 5 auto)


Anonymous said...

That would be totally awesome. Some of those relics would be very expensive or impossible for Donruss-Playoff to get though. The Seinfeld Puffy Shirt, for example, is in the Smithsonian. I totally agree with you though, Donruss Americana has so much more potential than what we've seen so far.

dayf said...

The Roy Scheider would have to be a cut auto, he died this February, sadly.

I'd love to see an official game used Cos sweater card...

I'm not crazy about the set overall, but there are certain single cards I really like out of the set. It's just dang near impossible to find commons for sale anywhere.

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