Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Real Value vs Book Value- The Continuing Saga

(With your best cheesy game show host voice) Welcome friends it's time to play What's It Really Worth?, (applause, applause) where we dispel the mythology of Real Value vs. Book Value.

Now, let's introduce our contestants and, say it with me folks, will the real card’s value please stand up?!?

Item: 2007 UD Premier Nolan Ryan Remnants Quad #'ed/34
Date sold: August 22th
Book Value: $67.50 (includes 1.25 multiplier)
Real Value: $21.60 (My sale)
eBay Avg: $21.33

Item: 2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic Signatures Carl Yastrzemski Auto #'ed/124
Date Sold: August 24th
Book Value: $50.00
Real Value: $55.44 (Hey, we have a winner)
eBay Avg: $55.44 (one unsold, listed at $59.95)

Item: UD Sweet Spot Classic Rogers Hornsby Game Used
Date Sold: August 25th
Book Value: $25.00
Real Value: $16.50 (My Sale)
eBay Avg: $17.17

Well there you have it. Join us next time for, What's it Really Worth?


Gellman said...

You should take a look at some football stuff, they draw a price out of a hat and then, that is what it is worth. From my experience, with upper deck products, all prices are automatically given a boost because of all the money that is spent on ads.

Isnt it kind of weird that the magazine that prices cards for the stupid part of hobby (around 75-80%) also takes ad revenues? That could be the biggest conflict of interest in the history of conflicts of interest.

Rob- AKA "Guido" said...

Not only that but isn't it interesting how BGS graded card are worth more in their title than PSA when we all know the truth talk about conflicts of interest

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