Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Top Ten Uses for '91 Donruss . . .

. . . and other garbage from the era of over-production.

10. After being inserted into a criss-cross shredder, they make excellent kitty litter.

9. After shredding can also be used as Oil-Dry.

8. While lacking the absorbency of newspaper, in a pinch, can be used for puppy potty training.

7. When stored in 800 count boxes, are the perfect width for wall insulation between the studs. Simply stack between the studs from floor to ceiling. 8ft ceilings will require approximately 25 boxes.

6. Keeps toddlers occupied while you blog, eBay, trade, or otherwise "work" on your collection.

5. Take a 100ct storage box (cardboard or plastic), fill with '91 Donruss, cover with '91 Fleer stickers, use as an attractive MLB desktop paper-weight

4. BB or pellet gun target backing. This can be accomplished several ways. My preferred method is to make 2 rows of 800 count boxes, side by side, glue, stack and repeat to a height of 3ft (requires a total of about 18 boxes, 9 on each side, and spray adhesive works best.) Then glue or tape police silhouette to boxes. Easily moveable and can be used anywhere.

3. When used with the appropriate, corresponding box can be used as a prop or lift for anything. Wobbly, uneven table legs, furniture for carpet drying, my daughter thinks shes too big for a high chair so I sit her on 2 layers of 600 count boxes, be creative, use your imagination!!

2. Adds increased R-value when used in an attic as additional installation. Just shred and blow baby! Or save the shredding and increase the quantity by distributing a 2" layer for every square foot, or roughly 800 cards.

1. Makes excellent tinder for any bonfire, 800 count "logs" work best. Smaller quantities can be used for back packing (enough to fill a team bag) and 300 count boxes work excellent for car camping.


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