Sunday, September 7, 2008

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes- Key Pull

Obviously as a bi-Soxual Cubs fan . . . . before I go any further I should probably explain what that means so there are no misunderstandings. I am a Chicago fan. Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls, Cubs, and Sox. Being from the western suburbs and not the city proper, I have the luxury of not having to claim an allegiance to only one team. But since your going to ask, if the Cubs were to play the Sox in the World Series who would I root for? Answer: the Cubs. They haven't won the whole thing in my lifetime. I cried in 2003 over the "Bartman" incident (truth be known, it was really the botched double play immediately following, that was the real down fall of that game coupled with Dusty Baker being out managed by Jim Leyland in the remaining game of the series) anyway, I digress, and I celebrated like crazy when the Sox won it all in 2005. Call me wishy-washy, or tell me to pick a lane, I don't care. I'm a Chicago fan who has a simple rule; No New York team should win anything, ever.

So as a Cubs fan, you can imagine my excitement of pulling this sweet patch card, numbered to just 25 of Japanese import Kosuke Fukudome. He needs time to adjust to the fact that pitchers have figured out that he has a hard time with pitches in on the hands. Despite that he still has a respectable on-base percentage as he is a very patient hitter.


jv said...

Amen, Brother! I'll never stop hating the Knicks for knocking my Heat out of the playoffs each year in the late 90's.

Go Cubs!!

Wax Heaven said...

Holy cow man, congratulations. That is one sweet pull!!!

Anonymous said...

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