Friday, September 5, 2008

What makes a good, acceptable and bad insert?

Obviously there are several schools of thought on this topic and opinions vary. However, recently opening a box of the new Upper Deck Baseball Heroes provided me an opportunity to display specific examples of each. (In my opinion) While "technically" not inserts, as they are part of the numbered base set, for purpose of illustration they work just fine.

*Note* Complete box break and review to come.

Good- One card features retired greats from a storied franchise. The other depicts a team's hero from yesterday and today. Ideal for a team or player collector.

Acceptable- It does have a theme (Japanese imports, both outfielders), personally however as a team and player collector, I don't want this.

Bad- This just doesn't work for me. Weak theme (Same position), who wants these types of cards?!? Not me.

Sorry for the terrible crop jobs. I'm tired.


Patsearcher said...

I can see the Phils/Mets card, the other bad card, not so much. Either way, a card with my team and another team does not make into my team binder.

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