Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beckett (sucks) Alternatives

I was asked to allow a guest to post an article on VOTC and since I encourage all collectors to think outside the box when it comes to card value and pricing, the content of this article is extremely relevant. This is by no means an endorsement of either website referenced, instead I'll take the Fox approach and simply report and let you, the reader, decide for yourselves on whether or not these are resources that would be helpful in your own collecting endeavors.

The Hobby and the Economy


Gellman said...

The Fox method? I hate you. haha.

Beckett Sucks said...

I think this is great post. I honest believe Beckett has no idea on most of card values anymore. It's about $$$$ now to them and not enough research done and trying to monopoly the prices.

Sports Predictions Advisors said...

I also agree with the Beckett and no-doubt it is a great post and I also have share some information regarding that in my site and I think you people should also share it their too.

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