Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fielder's Choice Trade

Well I have to hand it to Dave's (Fielder's Choice) Tampa Bay Ray's. They really handed it to my White Sox and deserve to be in the position they are in now.

My first cyber-trade was recently transacted with Dave, which he detailed in a recent post. So imagine my suprise when I received a second bubble mailer containing these two cards;

I really wish all the "book-value" morons I have attempted to trade with at my local cardshop could have been privy to the simplicity of this trade, that basically went like this;

"Hey Dave, wanna trade for those 2 Chicago game-used from your Goudey case break?

"Yeah sure, let me know what Rays of Prince Fielder stuff you have."

Knowing Dave is a HUGE Ray's fan it only made sense to send him the Ray's Topps Big Stix as a throw-in, right? It wasn't part of the deal, but honestly, I didn't want them and knew he would.

What's Dave do in return? Sends these 2 cards he knows I'll like.

Dave you have given hope to an old cynic and restored my notation and understanding of what "trading" is supposed to be all about.

Go Rays!


Steve Gierman said...

That is a SWEET fisk card! Dave is an awesome guy! I just sent him a bunch of Rays cards for our bet for the ALDS.

Anonymous said...

I agree; Dave is an awesome guy! Haha. Thanks again for your side of the trade. It really is great when people don't worry about book value and just trade stuff that they know the other person will like.

To Steve from White Sox Cards - I can't wait to see what you're sending. I actually have another Carlton Fisk relic card that I would have sent to you if the White Sox had won the series. It may find its way to your mailbox sometime anyway :)

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