Monday, October 13, 2008

Gellman Forgot One

Talk about great minds thinking alike. Sports Cards Uncensored's recent post about online resources for acquring cards en masse was dead on. I was actually drafting a post about this very topic. The way I look at it is he only forgot one, but because it is operated on a smaller scale and without much noteriety in the hobby, it's understandable.

Bargain Baseball Cards is an excellent source for low cost set and player collectors. The person who runs the site, Chris Mann, is a very professional and reliable individual. His website has helped me to inexpensively complete dozens of sets and I have been using his service for years.

Because the site is entirely searchable by set, year and player, it makes it easy to locate that key card you might be missing for your collection.


Gellman said...

my bad. sorry.

Joe Martelli Jr. said...

Thanks allot asshole! That's all I need is another place to spend even more money on cards. Just kiddin', I'm gonna go check it out. I've never even heard of this one.

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