Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Happy for Pat Burrell

Tagged too early in his career as under-achieving, Pat Burrel has turned into a consistent every day player for the only team he has ever been associated with. The franchise tried to build a winner around him when in reality his role was destined to be that of a best supporting actor. His career numbers are solid (see below) and Burrell has endured intense media scrutiny and fan scape-goating to help the Phillies become the 2008 MLB World Champions.

On the collecting front, his RC's are numerous and in my book, undervalued. His most desirable card is his 1999 Bowman Chrome which can be found readily available for a $1 despite booking (Beckett Sucks) for $10.

Here's to you Pat and the rest of the Phillies on a job well done, Salud!


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