Friday, October 24, 2008

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Beckett Still Sucks!!
Curious to know if they have fixed their aweful new site, yet I was very suprised to find this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I did a quick screen grab AFTER the page finished loading. What is with the double image of the leaderboard? They still haven't figured out their horizontal navigation bar either, as every button drops the last letter or 3 to the next line. Finally, you gotta love the SunMaid Raisins pop-up. When trade specific publishing companies start utilizing non-endemic advertising it is usually a sign that they can't get their existing print advertisers to incorporate online media into their marketing mix. Trust me, I work for a publishing company and it is the biggest challenge we face as well. As print revenue declines, electronic revenue HAS to increase or . . . you're out of business.

They are actually very prevelant on the whole site as here is another non-endemic ad in their leaderboard position on the Marketplace portal. I wanted to see if the funtionality had changed with the new "Beta" version. Apparantely it has because imagine my suprise when my search for Danica Patrick resulted in this:
Topps Chrome Football, Allen & Ginter, Bowman Chrome Baseball. I had no idea she was in those products!!
It really is amazing what a colossal mess they have made of their web presence.


Gellman said...

Ha, i just posted my refueled Beckett anger too!

Rob- AKA "Guido" said...

Just after I posted this I did a quick run through my favorites while eating lunch and saw yours.

I think your a brother from another mother LOL

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