Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things That Make You Go Huh??

Wouldn't this card have been WAY cooler if Piazza was pictured in a Dodgers uniform also? Also, instead of 2000's on both sides, on Piazza's side it could have said 1990's, creating a passing of the torch kinda theme. Piazza played 83 games as an A. Why bother?


Anonymous said...

if the jersey for piazza is from an A's uniform, then by MLB regulation, the card company must show him from that respective team so it really has more to do with where they obtain their GU jerseys from

Dave said...

Well, if they put a piece of a Piazza Dodgers jersey in the card, they could've pictured him with the Dodgers and put 1990s on the card. You're right; it would be much cooler if they did that!

tastelikedirt said...

Who wants to see Joe Namath in a Rams uniform? Who?

gcrl said...

the sutton/billingsley card from this series has both in a dodgers uniform which is nice, especially for a dodger fan like me.

i choose to believe that the trade never happened and that mike piazza left the dodgers to do missionary work, rather than play for other teams.

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