Friday, October 31, 2008

A Tribute to Box Toppers

Items perceived as value added content, be it autographed balls and mini caps from Topps Reserve to B18 felt "blankets" from Origins, to over sized box toppers the likes of the recent UD Masterpieces are something that the manufacturers have embraced to add variety and innovation to their product lines. I have always been a big fan of these and will periodically showcase some of my favorites.

First-up, my favorite; 2003 Absolute Memorabilia Signing Bonus

Extremely attractive; etched glass, inlaid on a wood base, with an engraved brass plate, containing a bat and jersey swatch of the depicted player, #'ed to 150!!

How cool is that! A sweet collectible brought to you by the folks at DLP for both baseball and football. Boxes of each can be found for an average of $150. I have seen them as low (sic) as $130 and as high as $230.

For those interested in locating one of their favorite player, a couple of tips. Search 2003 Absolute by sport desired and browse the listings. A lot of people don't realize that these pieces are referred to Signing Bonuses or Absolute Bonuses. Patience sifting through listings will help you find one at a better cost.


Anonymous said...

I love those things. Someone sent me one of Hideo Nomo in a trade, and I absolutely (no pun intended) love it. Thanks for the tip on finding them -- maybe I can get a hold of some other Dodger ones if they're out there.

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