Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Over-Rated- A Running List

Sometimes I amazed at the hype some players get. It happens in all sports. Who are your nominations for over-rated player? Here are some of mine. Current players only, we'll look at an All-Time Most Over-Rated list at some future date.

Tracey McGrady
Jason Kidd
Vince Carter

Terrell Owens
Brian Urlacher
Tony Romo

Dontrelle Willis
Joba Chamberlain
Miguel Cabrera

Brian Cambell
Marty Turco


Gellman said...

I gotta disagree with you on a few. Urlacher is far from overrated in any sense of the word. He may not be as good on the stat sheet anymore because teams run plays away from him. Cabrera in baseball is overrated in the field, and thats why he is at first base now, as for at the plate, his numbers were pretty good this year.

Personally I think the most overrated player in history is Derek Jeetah because people value all the wrong things and therefore attribute them to his "greatness." He may have won world series (team accomplishment), gold gloves (not a measure of actual field prowess), all star games (voted on by people who know nothing about the game), and he just "knows how to win" (the biggest piece of shit hyperbole in history, means absolutely nothing), but he also has awful range in the field and always has, poor arm strength for a shortstop, and really only does one thing well, and that's hit for average. He is an average player who has played for the yankees his whole career and that is the reason he is "legendary." I guess thats all you need these days for stuff - avoid free agency.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I was going to put Jeter on the list but in reviewing the stats I just couldn't. Lesser players have gotten into the Hall

.316 career average, 200 HR, 2500 Hits but I'm will you not from an over rated standpoint but a Hero worship one.

Urlacher is being exposed as the player he realy is a pompous ass with a glorified ego being run over roughshod by O-lineman.

I used to love this guy but without a dominant D-Line in front of him he gets exposed.

Motherscratcher said...

I think you can safely remove Dontrelle Willis from your list. I'm not saying he's good. I'm saying, how can you be overrated if everyone thinks you suck?

Unless there are people out there who don't think Dontrelle Willis sucks. Are those people out there?

Wax Heaven said...

Cabrera is still a stud, though.
He'll end up with 500 home runs easily!

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