Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Tribute to Box Toppers- Part Deux

2003 was a great year for added value. When Sy Berger and Arthur Shorin were running the Topps monopoly back in the day, could they have in their wildest dreams and/or imagination foreseen the day when something like this would be included in a box of trading cards.

Upper Deck Classic Portraits included these beautiful mini-busts in both Hockey and Baseball. Not content with a simple marble bust, for the baseball line UD included variations in pewter and bronze as well adding a distinctive chase element to the program. Not content to sit on their laurels, the hockey version included painted figures with some even holding the heralded Stanley Cup overhead.
This is again a tremendous example of going above and beyond and adding a very unique collectible to a standard trading card brand. If looking for one of your favorite player, you might want to do a saved search with email notification because while eBay always seems to have a dozen or two listed, finding your specific player on the first go is probably a long shot as theses bust have proven VERY popular with player collectors.
Good luck finding this product in new sealed boxes and if you do expect to pay over $150 per box. Here are the current eBay listings. Also try searching just Classic Portraits from time and carefully search the listings as I have found them without the word "bust" in the title.


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