Sunday, November 30, 2008

UD Timelines Offers An Affordable Way To Get Some Fabulous Rookie Cards

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

This set features great designs from the past including 1993 SP, 2004 Legends, and 1995 SP Top Prospects. Keeping all of that in mind rookie cards are plentiful and a box is a very affordable $55.
There are definite hot packs considering the average pack should yield six short prints and on a few of them I beat the odds. There are eight cards in every pack and some of them had some interesting results especially the one that had four different Kosuke Fukodome rookies.


Anonymous said...

This set would be awesome based on its design alone. There are two big problems. First -- the size of it -- 300+ cards is nuts, especially considering problem #2. Second -- the checklist repeats itself -- a small number of players are represented in this set, and they're depicted multiple times. That's lame. There's no reason for a set to have more than five different Chin-Lung Hu variations. UD would've been better off either making this set smaller, or using a bigger selection of players.

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