Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beckett Still Sucks- Update

The arrogance of their organization knows no bounds as evidenced in this recent statement by Shawn Schietroma, Sr. Manager of eCommerce at Beckett Media, “There’s no other card site out there that offers a system for users to find traders, search cards, access industry pricing, research user reviews and track transactions like does."

Here is a link to the original article on Sports Collectors Daily.

They reference cards being uploaded to 700,000 collections. With no disrespect to jv at Treasures Never Buried who I know uses this feature, I am amazed that despite all the resources available to collectors today, they still have that many "sheepeople". It's like some strang religious cult following that only strong willed individuals can break away from. The rest just follow the herd and repeat the Beckett mantra.

I think I'm gonna puke.


Motherscratcher said...

What other resources are available to someone to organize and maintain their collections in a database? I haven't run accross anything. I tried making my own Access database but it would take me until 2024 to get all of my cards entered in.

You might not like it (I know I don't), but I haven't run across anything that is as comprehensive and easy to use as Beckett's "organize" feature.

Gellman said...

I have said before, Beckett has become the worlds largest checklist site.

Personally, I use excel.

night owl said...

I use excel, as well (hey, that rhymes).

And somehow, I've managed to stumble through, finding people to trade with, reading product reviews, searching for cards, and tracking my own transactions, without once trying to do so on Beckett.

As far as "accessing industry pricing" there's no way in hell Beckett's going to suck me into that maze of mirrors.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Ok Mother, yes that is true.

Do any of you guys remember a site/company called Collection Monster

It's a shame they are gone. Their pricing model and marketing just didn't work but the provided not only an inventory feature but a storefront also.

What they really needed to do was to partner with ebay or Naxcom to aggregate that traffic. God I wish they were around because if done right the could have given Beckett Collection and Marketplace a run for their money

James said...

I've loaded all of mine in excel - it took forever, but it's all there now.

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