Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Give Up Your Voice- A Plea to Mario

Can you imagine a collecting world free of the influences of Book Value traders? Where collectors conducted trades not on what something was "worth" but on what two people were willing to part with, in exchange for something they each want.

Can you imagine a collecting world free of manufacturer collusion, sub-par editorial, and price guides?

Can you imagine a collecting world free of conflicts of interest like grading the very cards you price?

This collector utopia is what is at stake in the ongoing war of words between the blog-sphere and The Evil Empire.

While some may prefer the crass nature of Sports Cards Uncensored and/or others the above board professionalism of Wax Heaven, their voices along with mine and others serve as the TRUTH.

Wax Heaven and SCU balance each other out in how this TRUTH is delivered. From profanity laced, yet articulate tirades to carefully calculated oratories of criticism, each has a profound impact on the Hobby as a whole and what the Empire fears most, non-herdable collectors with the ability to think for themselves.

While I know it was never Mario's intent to take on the Empire, the tactics which they have employed in attempting to silence their competition is exactly why this fight must continue.

All of us "anti-Beckett-ites" are better served as collectors, when the voice of dissension is delivered equally across multiple platforms. If we individually delivered an anti-Empire mantra, day in, day out, post after post, we would quickly lose our reader base and relevance as an alternative (yet more viable) source of collectibles and industry news.

The TRUTH must be spoken in equal dosages by all, and that includes you Mario. All soldiers in an idealogical war of words grows weary from time to time, feeling as if they face insurmountable odds, especially when it becomes personal. Keep the faith Mario the hobby needs you.

I think we should collectively refer to them from this point forward as The Evil Empire and refrain from using their name but to go silent and refrain from saying what must be said, NEVER.


Ross said...

Good post Rob

Tragik007 said...
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Wax Heaven said...

Thanks for the message. To be honest, I am done being the Hobby's voice while advertising all this new product that is quite frankly garbage 90% of the time.

Upper Deck, Donruss, all these companies are in cahoots with Beckett and it won't change anytime soon. Just imagine all it takes is one threat to lower prices on any companies product and it's back to exclusives for Beckett.

Dave is right, these guys won't be around much longer. I can't wait till the day Chris Olds is back working at Wendy's and all these other arrogant dicks are looking up at us bloggers.

As for me, I am going to be spending more time covering the classics and staying away from the overpriced junk Beckett is promoting to "save" the hobby.

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