Monday, December 29, 2008

eBay's New Seller System . . .SUCKS!!

This is garbage!! Every so often, usually once a month, I check my Seller Dashboard. As you can see, my item listings have a LOWERED search prominence. Why? Because my 12-month average rating for Shipping and Handling is EQUAL to the average of all of eBay sellers for the same period, 4.59 out of a possible 5. Not LOWER but EQUAL to. Irregardless of the fact that my rating on the other 3 rating categories (Item Description, Communication, Delivery Speed) are HIGHER than the eBay average.

Since the rating is lot lower and I exceed the average on the other categories I should be given a mulligan and have the search status as Standard at a minimum.


stusigpi said...

I dislike the "best match" search anyway. If I am looking for a product, I have put what I am searching for in the search box. The Best match is rarely even close.
The sorting should have nothing to do with those rankings

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