Monday, December 22, 2008

Razor Signature Series Review- This Might Work

Razor Collectibles brings an all new entry to the baseball draft pick’s market with a business formula that Razor CEO, Brian Gray, thinks, positions the company well to take on long-time prospects heavyweight and collector favorite Bowman, and the loyal following that Donruss Elite has drawn in recent years. By signing top draft picks to near exclusive contracts, providing collectors hard signed, on-card autographs, and seeding them one per-pack, Razor Signature Edition may be on to something.



Dave said...

I think you're being a little too kind to Razor, Rob. I'm not sure where you got the SRP of $70 - the SRP according to Brian Gray on Beckett's box break is over $100, and I can't find any being sold for less than $80. You really like the card design? You don't think that it's much, much worse than Donruss EEE or Bowman DPP? What did you think of my horrible box break compared to Beckett's super-amazing box breaks? Brian Gray seems to want to be best buddies with Beckett, which certainly is not a good sign.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I found boxes on Blowoutcards when I did the review for $80. Then checking eBay, at the time, I found only a handful of completed listings and the prices were from $61, $65, $70, and $89.

Item number: 160303635332 was the one at $61
(Sorry I don't know how to make links in comments)

So I used the middle number of $70

In just looking again it seems prices have gone up.

The collation of your box was awful, I'll give you that. And we all know the collusion that takes place between mfgs and the Evil Empire.

They should have made sure that there was a better spread of autos from the first 5 rounds.

The design really din't bother me.I have seen similar designs to Donruss EEE on what, 30 of their other products and DPP hasn't changed it's design in f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Maybe it was just the something different factor.

I would honestly prefer to spend my money on this then DPP at the same price just to pull one autograph. In all likehood maybe about 2% of these guys will make it to the bigs so at least you have a better shot of pulling a future MLBer out of a product that delivers 10 autographs as compared to 1.

Dave said...

I bought a box of Bowman DPP at a card show this weekend. I haven't opened it yet. I've never bought a box of DPP before, so I don't know what to expect. I'm pretty sure that I'll like the base design better than Razor from what I've seen. I love the chrome and refractors. It's too bad that there aren't more auto's in the box.

Given the choice, I'd much rather have a Bowman auto than a Razor auto. I know that Bowman will always be a valuable brand. Razor seems more like Tristar to me, and Tristar auto's sell for much lower than Bowman or Donruss EEE.

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