Friday, December 5, 2008

Vote Now: Best Post Fight Picture

Here are 2 of the greatest sports photos of all time. Which is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Love hockey and Bobby Hull was THE MAN back in the day, but I'm gonna have to go with the Nolan Ryan pic. Pitchers have long memories so imagine having to set foot in the batter's box and face down a few high 90s fastballs. Plus that is one mean look he's got.

Scott C. said...

Me, I'd have to go with the Hockey photo. Those guys know how to fight. In baseball, the guy charging the mound (typical fight scenario) is lucky if he gets one good shot in before finding himself at the bottom of a pile. Sure Nolan Ryan looks pissed, but its just cause he got sucker punched. Hull is smiling cause he just wailed on some poor soul for a good minute before the refs pulled him off.
Scott C.

Steve Gierman said...

I'd have to go with Ryan. In baseball, you don't expect a lot of blood loss and fighting in baseball. In hockey, it's a disappointing game if there is none of that present.

The Ryan photo presents a starker contrast.

Johngy said...

Great debate. I'd go with Hill (although I am a Chicagoan). For such a great player, he was one tough dude, too. He never backed off from anyone.
Of course, an argument could be made for the great and older Ryan making Ventura look ridiculous.

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