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Double Dose of Topps Football Reviews- Mayo and Triple Threads

Guest Reviews- Russ Cohen
For around $120 Topps Mayo Plug Football is an homage to the first football cards ever created and that was over 100 years ago. In 1894 the set honored players in the Ivy League and now this set includes NFL greats and other pop icons. This is a set that collectors will read and keep every single card.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Card Corner Radio - Jay McCracken

Come listen to the origin of the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card as told by Jay.
Then he and Russ Cohen talk about
some other great momentsin trading card history.
You won't want to miss this edition!

(Or see player at the bottom of the page)

American Heritage- Athlete Inclusion

ALR-PR Pee Wee Reese
ALR-RC Roy Campanella
ALR-JR Jackie Robinson
ALR-TS Tris Speaker
ALR-TC Ty Cobb
ALR-MO Mel Ott
ALR-TM Thurman Munson
ALR-MM Mickey Mantle
ALR-BR Babe Ruth
ALR-LG Lou Gehrig
ALR-JF Jimmie Foxx
ALR-HW Honus Wagner
ALR-GS George Sisler
ALR-JM Johnny Mize
ALR-RH Rogers Hornsby
ALDR-GR Lou Gehrig
ALDR-GR Babe Ruth
ALDR-RC Jackie Robinson
ALDR-RC Roy Campanella
ALDR-MH Johnny Mize
ALDR-MH Rogers Hornsby
ALDR-WR Honus Wagner
ALDR-WR Pee Wee Reese
ALDR-SF George Sisler
ALDR-SF Jimmie Foxx
AL8R-1 Babe Ruth
AL8R-1 Honus Wagner
AL8R-1 Ty Cobb
AL8R-1 Rogers Hornsby
AL8R-1 Lou Gehrig
AL8R-1 Jackie Robinson
AL8R-1 Jimmie Foxx
AL8R-1 Mickey Mantle
AL8R-2 Babe Ruth
AL8R-2 Mickey Mantle
AL8R-2 George Sisler
AL8R-2 Johnny Mize
AL8R-2 Tris Speaker
AL8R-2 Roy Campanella
AL8R-2 Mel Ott
AL8R-2 Thurman Munson

ACA-JV-Jesse Ventura
ACA-MP-Michael Phelps
ACA-KO-Keith Olbermann
ACA-WM-Kerri Walsh/Misty May-Treanor

AL1-Walter Johnson
AL2-George Sisler
AL3-Ty Cobb
AL4-Thurman Munson
AL5-Christy Mathewson
AL6-Johnny Mize
AL7-Mickey Mantle
AL8-Babe Ruth
AL9-Rogers Hornsby
AL10-Pee Wee Reese
AL11-Lou Gehrig
AL12-Cy Young
AL13-Jimmie Foxx
AL14-Honus Wagner
AL15-Roy Campanella
AL16-Jackie Robinson
AL17-Mel Ott
AL18-Tris Speaker
AI1-Babe Ruth
AI2-Jackie Robinson
AI3-Lou Gehrig
AI4-Honus Wagner
AI5-Ty Cobb
AI6-Cy Young
AI7-Roy Campanella
AI8-Walter Johnson
AI9-Johnny Mize
AI20-Christy Mathewson
Apparently football, hockey, and basketball are not part of our country's heritage as the only sport included in the product from the Big 4 is baseball. Seeing as it is our country's National Pastime, that's probably appropriate. However that does little to explain the inclusion of Michael Phelps, Jesse Ventura, Keith Olberman, and Misty May-Traynor and Kerri Walsh.
There are no athletes in the base set but there are 20 non-relic , non-autographed insert cards. Which were listed last. The rest are comprised of relic, autograph, and combinations thereof.

Sweet Spot Baseball Video Highlights Box Break

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's Wait and See

After leaving this comment on a post by Dave at Fielder's Choice I realized it would make a nice post all on its own.

I agree with the point that the NBA should have added Panini to the mix initially, instead of going exclusive with no experience in the market. However, on several points I disagree.

This is designing trading cards not building a skyscraper, rocket, or solving quantum physics equations. Its cards. Even with my limited ability in graphic arts I have shown that you can cut and past togehter some impressive looking cards. To think that "how are they possibly going to be able to match Upper Deck’s high end products? That is simply an impossibility" is absolutely ridiculous and overkill.

As far as the bigger picture, other than soccer, outside the US, no other sport has the global reach that basketball does. Period. No possible argument there, right?
David Stern has been pushing the globalization of the game for years with great success. The NBA simply decided to partner with a company that can deliver it's product to a larger audience outside the US. Topps and Upper Deck do very little overseas marketing and had niched themselves into producing cards for the American market. That market tends to be focused a bit more on high-end products which is true, as you stated.

However, there are entire continents outside the US who do not have disposable income like Americans to spend on trading cards, yet love basketball and are collectors. What does the NBA do? They make a sound business decision to go for higher quanity (much much higher) and less quality becuase in the end its all about money.That's why trading card companies and licensing agreements exist. To make money, plain and simple. The NBA decided they would rather have the opportunity to have their licensed product sold by a company that can sell a $20 to $40 box of cards to 30,000,0000 people than a $100,$200,$300, or $500 box to 10,0000 people. Makes all the sense in the world to me.

I think as Americans we foget that the world doesn't revolve around us.
The real question is, will Panini be up to incurring the costs necessary to produce high-end products for the "niche" of the American market?

Time will tell. But it will be a business decision nothing more and nothing less.

It's easy to have preconceived notions due to our only hobby experiences with them to date but I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt before declaring the basketball hobby dead.

And eBay Buyer's Gripe About Shipping

Check out these S/H rates for eTopps:

Notice the Special Rate Column? Now through February 9th you can still spend WAY too much for shipping but at least it's some savings. I mean are they serious? $189.00 to ship a 300 count box of cards and regularly $262? Are they hand delivered by the ghost of Arthur Shorin himself on a silver platter and individually encased in lucite holder embossed in 24K gold with the players name, IPO run, etc?

F-ing Ridiculous.

Why do I know this? Becasue I wanted to take possession of my Walter Payton card. I missed out on the IPO (the print run is 999) but I picked one up on eBay for $16.50. Probably over spent but compared to other cards sold to date this was a pretty good deal and I REALLY wanted this card.

Oh and after all that, the cards aren't available until April 9th.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

2008 Sweet Spot Baseball Product Review

Upper Deck’s Sweet Spot and Sweet Spot Classic have been a staple in the Hobby for several years. During that time, collector sentiment has ranged from elation to confusion, as the product formula has transformed over the years. The recent announcement that Upper Deck will be retiring the Sweet Spot brand for 2009 has been equally met with emotions ranging from confusion to anger as comments and posts on message boards and blogs can attest to.

Montreal Means Cold- NHL All-Star Coverage

Russ Cohen-Montreal

If you walk down the streets of Montreal, and you shouldn’t do that for too long, the chill in the air is staggering for somebody from New Jersey but it isn’t enough to dampen the excitement of being in one of the greatest hockey markets in the world.

After spending the day at the NHL Jamboree I can tell you that the hockey collectors in Canada are serious and they love their Canadiens. Upper Deck had a ton of traffic today as fans were getting their All-Star sets. Check out the set here

Read More

2008 Ultimate Collection Baseball Video Box-Break Highlights

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trilogy Hockey Still Has Memorable Cards

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

Upper Deck’s Trilogy Hockey has always yielded some special cards over the years and the 2009 release is no exception. Collector’s can hope to get an “Ice Scripts” card in every box (each box yields 3 autos, 3 rookies, 3 memorabilia cards in the 9 packs) so the incentive is there to get one of those beauties but my best card was a dual goalie card of Martin Brodeur and Marc-Andre Fleury.

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Topps Chrome Basketball Remembers The Legends

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

I know collector’s purchase this product to get a great autographed rookie card and some nice serial-numbered rookies of some of the game’s up and coming players but now this set has really expanded its scope to include many of the legends of the game and I applaud them for remembering these terrific players.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008 Ultimate Collection Baseball- The Thrill of Gambling

Upper Deck's Ultimate Collection is one of those high end products more suited for the gambler than the collector. The faint of heart should understand that with high risk can, but not always, come high reward. With a current SRP of $105, collectors are guaranteed one major "hit" and two base cards serial numbered to 350. At this price point I'm not sure of the need for base cards as I imagine there are very few, if any, collectors that can afford to tackle what would be an expansive undertaking to assemble the 100-card base set. This isn't a product that you are necessarily going to be able to flip for a profit. However, your chances of pulling a memorable card for your collection are quite good.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SPx Hockey Review

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

SPX Hockey is pretty much my version of opening the NHL All-Star of hockey products. Over the years I have covered the NHL A.S. games and I have picked up some additional SPX cards at the NHL’s yearly collectibles show. One year it was a Chris Higgins auto/rookie and now he is a mainstay in Montreal. This set always has big hits and this year was no exception.


Monday, January 19, 2009

2008 Season Suprises, Turnarounds, and Musings

Miami Dolphins 1-15 in 2007
Division Champions in 2008

Arizona Cardinals in the regular season- can't run, can't defend. Going to the Superbowl

Detroit Lions perfect record. 1st ever 0-16 season

Rookie coaches

College World Series winner- Worst winning percentage of all participants

NCAA Final Four- First time all four #1 seeds make it

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays go to the world series?!?! Coming out of the AL East beating out the Yankees and Red Sox

Jimmy Johnson wins Three-peats as NASCAR champ

The unretired Home Run King can't find a team to play for.

Roger Clemens puts his previously inarguable HOF credentials into serious jeapordy.

Once ultra rare or non- existant Joe Jackson and Pete Rose relic and autograph cards, respectively, clutter market place sending existing sample's values plummeting.

Ron Santo, Andre Dawson, and Bert Blyleven shunned by HOF . . . again!!

Sidney Crosby tastes the Stanley Cup Finals, denied opportunity to sip from The Cup.

Cubs swept in first round of playoffs for second consecutive year.

The BCS Championship game was actually entertaining.

Joe Flacco emerges as seasons dominant rookie winning 2 playoff games. First time for a rookie, EVER!!!

Boston Celtics go from league's worst to league's best, knocking off the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Danica Patrick becomes first woman driver to win a major series race (Tokyo- IRL).

Michael Phelps becomes first Olympian to winning 8 gold medals in a singles games, breaking long-time record holder Mark Spitz's mark which he held for 36 years.

Womans beach volleyball, predictably, draws largest viewing audience of all Olympic events.

Topps proves once again they suck at high end products.

The Chicago Blackhawks routinely sell out home games for the first time in years. The ROAR is Back!!

Once again the Heisman trophy proves to be a curse come the big game.

This list is an example of why we LOVE sports!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Excitement Abounds for Upper Deck’s Special Events During 2009 NHL All-Star Weekend in Montreal

North Las Vegas, NV (January 15, 2009) – Just like in years past, Upper Deck’s presence will be felt in many phases of the fast-approaching 2009 NHL All-Star Game festivities in Montreal next week. Besides serving as co-sponsor of the NHL All-Star Trading Card and Memorabilia Show, Upper Deck is once again happy to present the annual NHL YoungStars Game, which will be held on Saturday, Jan. 24, at the Bell Centre. The actual NHL All-Star Game, which will be celebrating the centennial season of the Montreal Canadiens, will be held on Sunday, Jan. 25.

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 State of the Hobby- A Make or Break Year?

Like most hobbies, sports trading cards rely on consumers having discretionary income to thrive. With the country in the throes of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, 2009 will be a very pivotal year for an industry that has seen continual revenue declines over the past several years.

The measures taken a few years ago by the MLBPA to reinvigorate the hobby market have done little in the way of enhancing the collectibles experience as a whole. Whether you measure the state of the Hobby by a decline in sales, store closings, decreased values on the secondary market, or lack-luster product releases, the truth is in the cards, something has to change.

Several rules were instituted by the MLBPA to supposedly increase demand, decrease supply and in theory bolster collectible values. Some of the more significant measures included;

- Limiting the number of annual sport specific product releases

- Delaying the release of a given years product until that calendar year

- Instituing rules to define a rookie and the subsequent creation of the rookie card logo

- Limiting the number of retired players allowed into a product's checklist

At the time we were told that these changes would "unclutter" the amount of product, causing existing products to have a longer shelf life, encourage set collectors, create simplicity for the casual fan to participate in Rookie Card collecting and more.

Have those rules accomplished those objectives? I don't think so. First and foremost the RC logo fiasco carries no weight with the likes of Donruss Elite and Bowman Draft Pick's and Prospects allowed to exist in the market. Are we really supposed to believe that a 2008 Bowman Chrome, "1st Bowman Card" isn't a players rookie card simply because it doesn't have a logo making it so? How exactly has this cleared the confusion the rule change had originally intended accomplish?

Collectors, like myself, disenfranchised with players from the Steroid Era, used to be able to collect numerous retired only player products to maintain their hobby interest. Now such classic products like SP Legendary Cuts, All-Stars, National Pastime, Archives, Fan Favorites and more have either been killed off completely or in the case of SP Legendary Cuts have become so watered down they are a shell of their former-selves.

With only a limited number of products released each year and the MLBPA and leauge demanding a large marketing investment geared towards younger collectors, real collectors are left with worthless products like 1st Edition, Opening Day, Documentary, Timelines, and UDX to name a few.

What the rules have managed to do is create a glut of worthless product, so in the sense of extending a product's shelf life that goal has been accomplished. However, I don't think that collecting dust and being repacked in multi-pack format for retail distribution is what the various suits and talking heads had in mind.

Everyone nows that card manufactures are in business to make money, but how are they going to do that with one hand proverbially tied behind their back?

What has essentially happened is that we have seen the demise of mid-range products and much like the rest of country are becoming a population of the haves, and have nots, systematically eroding the middle class.

There will always be a core of people who purchase high-end product for the thrill and the gamble of the experience and obviously the card manufacturers will continue to cater to that profitable segment.

The demands on manufactures by their licensing partners insure that their will be plenty of low-end filler for the supposed kids who collect.

The real question is what is the industry, as a whole, going to do for the real collector? Those willing to spend $5-$20 per pack who appreciate quality memorabilia and autograph cards and are set, team,and player collectors?

You can be damn sure that Piece of History, UDx, yet another round of Allen & Ginter or Goudey, Spectrum, Timelines, and Documentary simply aren't going to cut it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Press Pass 2009 Pre-Racing Season Kick-off Set Revs Up

Guest Review-Valerie Wood

Press Pass’ first offering of 2009 features a 120-card base set, a Tony Stewart subset and a subset for the much acclaimed young driver signed by Joe Gibbs’ Racing, Joey Logano. Logano has been hailed as the ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’ (and nicknamed accordingly). While it remains to be seen whether sliced bread will pan out or just be toast after his first full racing season (ahem…), it is interesting that Press Pass has already given him his very own subset. Enough of this loafing, however; let’s get on to the cards!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Must Read Blog added to My Daily Reading List

Steven Judd is the industry insider the blogsphere and collectors have needed to hear from for years. He brings a wealth of industry experience and a behind the scences look at the business of sports cards. His new blog is The Sports Card File.

Yesterday and today he focuses on an area of manufacturing that should be the evolution of the trading card industry and might be what saves it.

Selling insert singles, directly to consumers.

Check it out . . . NOW!!

ITG Heros & Prospects- Complete Review

Guest Review- Jon Waldman

Five years after Heroes and Prospects first debuted, collectors are still cracking the packs and boxes of In The Game’s now signature product.
The set, as always, features the best past, present and future stars in junior, minor or international team gear, with some great photography of the featured individual overlaid on various backgrounds. This year, that design has a retro feel with a mix of a 70s bordering and name/team strips, a 70s block of color and a 60s generic playing background near the bottom.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008-09 Heroes and Prospects Box Break and Synopsis

Guest Review- Russ Cohen
Product Description:
Cards Per Pack: 5 cards
Packs Per Box: 24
Price You Can Expect to Pay Per: $75, $3.50 (per pack)
120 Cards
Got a full 100-card base set

Key Base Cards#8 – Fabian Brunnstrom (x2) (Dallas) – 1st release in H and P#10 – Victor Hedman (2009 Draft Eligible) – 2nd year in the set#63 – Brayden Schenn (2009 Draft Eligible) – 1st release in H and P #67 – Jared Cowen (2009 Draft Eligible) – CSS #1 ranked player in the WHL#69 – Jordan Eberle (x2) – Edmonton – 2nd year in the set

1 2008 Memorial Cup Winner InsertM-06 – Drayson Bowman
1 2008 Draft PicksDP-18 – Nicolas Deschamps (no 35-Anaheim)
2 AutographsA-Vl – Ville Leino (Detroit)A-MSA – Mark Santorelli (Nashville)
1 Game-Used JerseyGUJ-26 – John Tavares (silver version, 1-100)

Favorite Card - John Tavares – I have scouted this player for years now live and on video. He’s outstanding and he will certainly be a franchise player for the team that drafts him. Now traded from Oshawa to London they are certainly one of the favorites to win the 2009 Memorial Cup!
This set has a great retro design and its $75 dollar price tag is a bargain! Santorelli is now up with Nashville and Leino (33 points in 37 games for Grand Rapids in the AHL) will be in Detroit before you know it. This box and Jon Waldman’s (review coming) were loaded. Pick up a few the value is great and if you are a Canadian, you will want a card of Jordan Eberle. A second year Hedman card is still worth getting as well.
Stay tuned for a more in depth review coming soon!

Monday, January 12, 2009

F*@#^% eTopps!!

I will be the first to admit I have made some dumb collecting choices in my life. Perhaps one of the biggest was buying into the eTopps non-sense that debuted in 2003. I am a HUGE Walter Payton fan and when I saw a press release about the release of the new Topps Allen & Ginter SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS , I had to get one for my collection. Just look at it it's beautiful!! It features my favorite all-time football player, on one of my favorite card sets, using one of my favorite card technologies (Chrome). While I have boycotted eTopps for 5 years this was a no brainer.So while I'm there, I check out my "Portfolio". What a joke!!

I know it's hard to read but suffice it to say I got hosed. 20 total cards owned, total purchase price, almost $125, current value (base on something legitimate like current eBay listings, sales, and offers) $ less than $20. An 85% drop in value. Thank God this isn't my retirement account.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Collecting Sports Legends- Book Review

It seems that quality books featuring our precious Hobby, as the primary subject, are as rare as a 1933 Goudey of Napoleon Lajoie. Thankfully, a new release has made its way to press titled, Collecting Sports Legends- The Ultimate Hobby Guide to satiate the book worm in me. Written by PSA president Joe Orlando, this book provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of some of the greatest cards and memorabilia pieces in existence. Chronicling the entire history of sports collecting Americana, Orlando pain-stakingly details The Top 250 Sportscards in History, ranking in order the Top 20 cards of all-time.

Orlando's passion for the Hobby comes through loud and clear as he cites the need to share and educate new collectors on the nuances of collecting. He does this while providing a user-friendly way of understanding aspects crucial to any collection such as rarity, condition, and value. The book's Introduction serves the reader well in better understanding what to expect from the book as a whole.

A look at the table of contents should pique the curiosity of any collector;

- Ten Tips for Building a Collection

- The Top 250 Sportscards in the Hobby

- Building a Dream- A Look at Collecting the Top 30 Complete Sets in the Hobby

- Collecting Sports Autographs

- The Top 100 Autographs in the Hobby (Includes a ranking of the Top 10 Signatures)

- Legendary Lumber- A Look at Collecting Game-Used Bats

- The Top 40 Game-Used Bats in the Hobby

- Collecting Sports Tickets (Includes a ranking of the Top 15 Tickets)

- Tempting Treasure- A Look at Collecting Unopened Packs

- The Top 25 Unopened Packs in the Hobby

As I said, detailed and comprehensive. The photography is beautiful and each entry is accompanied by a professionally written synopsis of the particular card or memorabilia piece and provides not only a detailed history of the item, but also answers the questions, "Why is this special, why is it rare, why is it valuable, why is it important?"

The book's description, on the back cover, provides a concise overview;

"This comprehensive guide takes the reader on a journey through history, providing an in-depth look at the icons of sport, captured through their greatest collectibles. Composed by the leading experts in the field, never before has one book covered such a variety of Hobby subjects. For those interested in building a fine collection of sports memorabilia, from trading cards to autographs to game-used bats and more, each subject is covered in great detail. Within each chapter, the best of the best has been selected by the experts. Whether you are a hardcore collector or just an avid sports fan, this book not only helps bring the legends of sport to life but it provides crucial tips on how to assemble a world class collection. From Babe Ruth to Tiger Woods, from Wilt Chamberlain to Joe Namath, every major sports is covered. This book contains hundreds of sports memorabilia images, including many of the finest (known) examples in the world."

It's not often that I feel the need to read a coffee-table sized book cover-to-cover, but I will be doing so with Collecting Sports Legends.

The Details:

Collecting Sports Memorabilia- The Ultimate Hobby Guide

By: Joe Orlando

Published by: Zyrus Press Hardcover

Cover Price: $34.95 Add Image available new for $23.07 and used for $17.99

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tim Tebow and the Gators

Let me start by saying that I usually root against Florida because I'm a Big Ten guy and disdain the arrogance of the SEC. They're a better conference as of late, I'll give them that but I just don't like 'em ok?!?

That being said, I must admit that I was rooting for the Gators last night in the BCS National Championship against Oklahoma (poor Bob Stoops). The reason is quite simple. I've grown to become a fan of Tim Tebow.

An impressive all-around athlete, his off-field accomplishments and endeavors are a refreshing change from the typical media attention paid to athletes whose conduct and behaviour is less than worthy of role model status. Even in collegiate athletics year after year the sports pages are frequented by DIU arrests, domestic abuse charges, shootings, sexual assault allegations and more. It's nice to see a young student athlete grounded in his principals without being preachy or "holier-than-thou" and yet command such respect that he is a natural born leader.

There have been many arguments on whether Tebow's game can transistion to the NFL. Typically option-style quarterbacks have been largely ignored by NFL GM's. Tebow is going to be another story. Reason being, and I know it's cliche, but he has a tremendous upside. Not only is he a proficent running quarterback, his passing stats don't lie.

Couple that with his size and athleticism with his charisma and leadership skills and I think you have a quality pro prospect.

The debate has already started on sports talk radio and the blogsphere on where he ranks as an all-time college player. In my opinion he is easily in the top five after looking at this widely accepted list ranking by ESPN.

If Tebow returns for his senior year and even closely replicates his achievments over the last 2 seasons, there isn't a doubt in my mind he will go down in history as the best NCAA football player of all-time.

Talk about having a lot going for you, and have you seen his girlfriend?!?!?

Talk about smokin' H-O-T!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Black Diamond Hockey- Guest Review

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

Black Diamond hockey has always been one of the premier releases in hockey every year and Upper Deck continues to provide the great looking designs that collectors are looking for and they have added a lot of value to boot. Collectors will get four rookies per box, one in every six packs, a common breakdown, and the success of those rookies usually make or break your box. So lets see who I got.

Which Sharpie For What Item?

If you don't read Sports Collectors Daily, you should. They aggregate relevant hobby content from around the country in a nice summary. Today featured a great tid-bit about Sharpie, pertinent to the autograph collector. Read the story here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's It Really Worth??

It's been awhile but let's play.

Card: 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Generations Dual Game Used Jersey
Mike Piazza Russell Martin
Book Value: $10.00
Real Value: $3.99
Date Sold: 12/29/08

Card: 2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts Vladimir Guerrero Game Used Jersey
Book Value: $5.00
Real Value: $2.99
Date Sold: 12/21/08

Card: 2008 UD SPx JJ Hardy Game Used Jersey #/150
Book Value: $5.00
Real Value: $2.99
Date Sold: 12/10/08

Card: 2008 Topps UDH Derek Jeter Black Parallel #7/57
Book Value: $37.50

Real Value: $18.00
Date Sold: 12/20/08

Card: 2008 UD Heroes Football LenDale White Game Used #21/25
Book Value: $15.00
Real Value: $4.99

Date Sold: 12/21/08

Would You Like to See a Legendary, Multi-Sport Coaches Only Product?

Multi-sport products and legendary coaches showed up in a variety of sets in 2008. Looking at the checklists of some of these got me thinking about a legendary coaches set. Would this be cool or not? I haven't decided and it's up for debate. If a product like this were to be produced and have any chance of succes I think it would have to incorporate the following design elements and checklist.

- Base Set 100 cards

- No Parallels

- No Memorabilia/Relic Cards

- Autographed AND Non-Autographed Manufactured Produced Team Logo Cards

- On card autographs

- Cuts of deceased coaches only

- 1 Insert Set College to the Pros featuring a picture of coach for each team

- Pack out: 24 packs, 5 cards per pack

- SRP $60

- Hits: 3 autographs and 2 non-auto Patch Logos per box (1 college, 1 pro) per box.


Collegiate- Lou Holtz, John Wooden, Joe Paterno, Paul "Bear" Bryant, Tom Osborne, Woody Hayes, Bobby Bowden, John Robinson, Bo Schembechler, Hayden Fry, John Heisman, Glen "Pop" Warner, John Gagliardi, Eddie Robinson, Barry Switzer, Amos Alonzo Stagg, Dean Smith, Denny Crum, Bobby Knight, Mike Krzyzewski , Eddie Sutton, Rick Pitino, Jim Valvano, John Thompson, Gene Keady

NFL- Jimmy Johnson, Don Shula, George Halas, Mike Ditka, Tom Landry, Chuck Knoll, Vince Lombardi, Joe Gibbs, Bill Walsh, Dan Reeves, Earl Lambeua, Bud Grant, Marv Levy, John Madden, Dick Vermeil, Hank Stram, Mike Holmgren

NBA- Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley, Larry Brown, Lenny Wilkens, Chuck Daley, Red Holzman, John Kundla, Gregg Popavich, Rudy Tomjanovic, Billy Cunningham

MLB- Joe Torre, Casey Stengle, Billy Martin, Tony LaRussa, Bobby Cox, Earl Weaver, Tommy Lasorda, Connie Mack, John McGraw, Sparky Anderson, Lou Pinella, Leo Durocher, Walter Alston, Joe McCarthy, Charle Comiskey, Frank Robinson

NHL- Scotty Bowman, Al Arbour, Dick Irvin Sr., Pat Quin, Mike Keenan, Jacques Martin, Jacques Lemaire, Ron Wilson, Bryan Murray, Toe Blake, Brian Sutter, Hap Day, Glen Sather

Hot Stove League and Team Collecting

With the winter meetings and Hot Stove League in full swing, things are heating up quickly as pitchers and catchers report in less than 6 weeks. Numerous players have changed hands over the winter including some notable names. A brief rundown of some of the higher profile transactions potentially affecting team and player collectors:

Chicago Cubs- Aaron Miles, Milton Bradley
Cleveland Indians- Mark DeRosa, Kerry Wood
Yankees- AJ Burnett, Mark Texiera, CC Sabathia
St Louis Cardinals- Khalil Greene
San Francisco Giants- Randy Johnson, Bob Howry, Edgar Rentaria
Houston Astros- Mike Hampton, Aaron Boone
Atlanta Braves- Javier Vazquez
Dodgers- Casey Blake
New York Mets- Fransico Rodriguez
Toronto Blue Jays- Matt Clement
Phillies- Raul Ibanez
Milwaukee Brewers- Trot Nixon
Kansas City Royals- Coco Crisp
Oakland A's- Matt Holiday
Colorado Rockies- Huston Street

In addition some notable free agents are still looking for new homes including Ken Griffey Jr. and Jason Varitek.

So what's a player and/or team collector to do? Do you feel compelled to acquire rookie cards of players now on your team or do you just start from the year they joined?

If your player was on your team, will you follow them and collect their cards featuring the players new duds?

Discuss . . .

Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 Donruss Sports Legends- Compliments the Americana Series

Hot on the heels of three successful releases of its new Americana franchise (I,II and Cuts), Donruss returns to its sporting roots with 2008 Sports Legends. Providing collectors a compilation of some of the greatest names in their respective field of athletics, Sports Legends chronicles a history of sport in a concise, affordable product. Multi-sport products have always had mixed reviews with collectors and this release will be no different. While many will question the inclusion of some players at the expense of excluding others, Legends is a perfect example of why exclusive contracts are bad for the hobby.


NFL Wildcard Weekend- Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Ed Hockuley is off the hook.

Chargers punter Mike Scifres is not only the game MVP but the weekend MVP. Has a punter ever gotten a game ball? Six punts averaging 52.7 yards, all inside the 20 and 3 inside the 10?!? Talk about winning the battle of field position.

Kurt Warner is the comeback player of the year.

Remember when Donovan McNabb got benched?

Tavaris Jackson should have stayed benched.

Now Adrian Peterson knows what it felt like to be Walter Payton.

Chad Pennington picked the wrong game to have his worst performance of the year.

Wow!! Baltimore's defense currently looks Super Bowl worthy.

Why isn't Philip Rivers in the ProBowl?

LT who? Darren Sproles is a stud.

Why did a 12-4 team (Indy) have to travel to an 8-8 team (San Diego)?

NFL Cheerleaders are hot!

Matt Ryan is going to be an exceptional NFL quarterback.

Beckett dork and proud CardGeek, Larry Fitzgerald likes to beat on women and currently has a restraining order against him. Way to pick a winner.

Baltimore Ravens Safety, Ed Reed, is unbelievable. Mental note for 2009 fantasy draft.

Ron Rivera's defense frustrated Peyton Manning ALL DAY.

Lovey Smith is an A-Hole for getting Rivera fired from the Bears.

Card value upticks- Darren Sproles, Matt Ryan, Ed Reed, Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco