Monday, January 19, 2009

2008 Season Suprises, Turnarounds, and Musings

Miami Dolphins 1-15 in 2007
Division Champions in 2008

Arizona Cardinals in the regular season- can't run, can't defend. Going to the Superbowl

Detroit Lions perfect record. 1st ever 0-16 season

Rookie coaches

College World Series winner- Worst winning percentage of all participants

NCAA Final Four- First time all four #1 seeds make it

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays go to the world series?!?! Coming out of the AL East beating out the Yankees and Red Sox

Jimmy Johnson wins Three-peats as NASCAR champ

The unretired Home Run King can't find a team to play for.

Roger Clemens puts his previously inarguable HOF credentials into serious jeapordy.

Once ultra rare or non- existant Joe Jackson and Pete Rose relic and autograph cards, respectively, clutter market place sending existing sample's values plummeting.

Ron Santo, Andre Dawson, and Bert Blyleven shunned by HOF . . . again!!

Sidney Crosby tastes the Stanley Cup Finals, denied opportunity to sip from The Cup.

Cubs swept in first round of playoffs for second consecutive year.

The BCS Championship game was actually entertaining.

Joe Flacco emerges as seasons dominant rookie winning 2 playoff games. First time for a rookie, EVER!!!

Boston Celtics go from league's worst to league's best, knocking off the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Danica Patrick becomes first woman driver to win a major series race (Tokyo- IRL).

Michael Phelps becomes first Olympian to winning 8 gold medals in a singles games, breaking long-time record holder Mark Spitz's mark which he held for 36 years.

Womans beach volleyball, predictably, draws largest viewing audience of all Olympic events.

Topps proves once again they suck at high end products.

The Chicago Blackhawks routinely sell out home games for the first time in years. The ROAR is Back!!

Once again the Heisman trophy proves to be a curse come the big game.

This list is an example of why we LOVE sports!!


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