Friday, January 30, 2009

American Heritage- Athlete Inclusion

ALR-PR Pee Wee Reese
ALR-RC Roy Campanella
ALR-JR Jackie Robinson
ALR-TS Tris Speaker
ALR-TC Ty Cobb
ALR-MO Mel Ott
ALR-TM Thurman Munson
ALR-MM Mickey Mantle
ALR-BR Babe Ruth
ALR-LG Lou Gehrig
ALR-JF Jimmie Foxx
ALR-HW Honus Wagner
ALR-GS George Sisler
ALR-JM Johnny Mize
ALR-RH Rogers Hornsby
ALDR-GR Lou Gehrig
ALDR-GR Babe Ruth
ALDR-RC Jackie Robinson
ALDR-RC Roy Campanella
ALDR-MH Johnny Mize
ALDR-MH Rogers Hornsby
ALDR-WR Honus Wagner
ALDR-WR Pee Wee Reese
ALDR-SF George Sisler
ALDR-SF Jimmie Foxx
AL8R-1 Babe Ruth
AL8R-1 Honus Wagner
AL8R-1 Ty Cobb
AL8R-1 Rogers Hornsby
AL8R-1 Lou Gehrig
AL8R-1 Jackie Robinson
AL8R-1 Jimmie Foxx
AL8R-1 Mickey Mantle
AL8R-2 Babe Ruth
AL8R-2 Mickey Mantle
AL8R-2 George Sisler
AL8R-2 Johnny Mize
AL8R-2 Tris Speaker
AL8R-2 Roy Campanella
AL8R-2 Mel Ott
AL8R-2 Thurman Munson

ACA-JV-Jesse Ventura
ACA-MP-Michael Phelps
ACA-KO-Keith Olbermann
ACA-WM-Kerri Walsh/Misty May-Treanor

AL1-Walter Johnson
AL2-George Sisler
AL3-Ty Cobb
AL4-Thurman Munson
AL5-Christy Mathewson
AL6-Johnny Mize
AL7-Mickey Mantle
AL8-Babe Ruth
AL9-Rogers Hornsby
AL10-Pee Wee Reese
AL11-Lou Gehrig
AL12-Cy Young
AL13-Jimmie Foxx
AL14-Honus Wagner
AL15-Roy Campanella
AL16-Jackie Robinson
AL17-Mel Ott
AL18-Tris Speaker
AI1-Babe Ruth
AI2-Jackie Robinson
AI3-Lou Gehrig
AI4-Honus Wagner
AI5-Ty Cobb
AI6-Cy Young
AI7-Roy Campanella
AI8-Walter Johnson
AI9-Johnny Mize
AI20-Christy Mathewson
Apparently football, hockey, and basketball are not part of our country's heritage as the only sport included in the product from the Big 4 is baseball. Seeing as it is our country's National Pastime, that's probably appropriate. However that does little to explain the inclusion of Michael Phelps, Jesse Ventura, Keith Olberman, and Misty May-Traynor and Kerri Walsh.
There are no athletes in the base set but there are 20 non-relic , non-autographed insert cards. Which were listed last. The rest are comprised of relic, autograph, and combinations thereof.


dayf said...

Actually, Joe Namath is in the base set. Buster Keaton and Harold Houdini were much better athletes that he was though.

dayf said...

Harold Houdini. Good lord, the cold medicine has really kicked in hard hasn't it. HARRY Houdini. I need a nap.

night owl said...

Keith Olbermann? Make it stop. Make it stop!

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