Monday, January 12, 2009

F*@#^% eTopps!!

I will be the first to admit I have made some dumb collecting choices in my life. Perhaps one of the biggest was buying into the eTopps non-sense that debuted in 2003. I am a HUGE Walter Payton fan and when I saw a press release about the release of the new Topps Allen & Ginter SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS , I had to get one for my collection. Just look at it it's beautiful!! It features my favorite all-time football player, on one of my favorite card sets, using one of my favorite card technologies (Chrome). While I have boycotted eTopps for 5 years this was a no brainer.So while I'm there, I check out my "Portfolio". What a joke!!

I know it's hard to read but suffice it to say I got hosed. 20 total cards owned, total purchase price, almost $125, current value (base on something legitimate like current eBay listings, sales, and offers) $ less than $20. An 85% drop in value. Thank God this isn't my retirement account.


William Noetling said...

You should redeem the ones you have, then you can trade them or sell them. There appears to be a thriving secondary market on redeemed cards because no everyone redeems them.

Plus the cards look awfully nice when you do redeem them. I got a Vlad Guerrero card off of an eTopps auction for a buck or two, redeemed it (for another four bucks) and had the card in my hand in less than a week. You know what, it's a darn nice card and worth the time and effort.

Gene said...

I recommend you sell your cards. Might as well get something out of it.

Anonymous said...

You don't "redeem" eTopps cards, you dipshits.

By the way, fuck eTopps.

Todd Uncommon said...

Like anything commodity or pseudo-commodity based, it's a buy low sell high proposition. There was a time where each of those cards in your portfolio had a high point, and could have sold them then.

Even in the stock world, if you held on to certain stocks from 2002, they'd be worthless now, too: Enron, Silicon Graphics, the list goes on...

So it's pointless to complain about how comparatively worthless they are now. I do suggest taking them in-hand, and they make great trade bait in-person, at shows, and over blog connections.

I am always surprised that eTopps has never really promoted the unique quality of the cards and how great they look.

Mike Allen said...

E-TOPPS customer service sucks! I have emailed then via the E-TOPPS website 4 times in the last 60 days to find out when I can take delivery on 3 Allen and Ginters SB cards that I bought last year. Not one reply from E-TOPPS. I finally got through on the customer service phone number today (on hold for 14 minutes). They said that they have had the cards printed three different times, but, all of the printed cards did not meet their standards. They did say that all of the cards will be re-printed and available by the end of March, 2012. We will see.

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