Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hot Stove League and Team Collecting

With the winter meetings and Hot Stove League in full swing, things are heating up quickly as pitchers and catchers report in less than 6 weeks. Numerous players have changed hands over the winter including some notable names. A brief rundown of some of the higher profile transactions potentially affecting team and player collectors:

Chicago Cubs- Aaron Miles, Milton Bradley
Cleveland Indians- Mark DeRosa, Kerry Wood
Yankees- AJ Burnett, Mark Texiera, CC Sabathia
St Louis Cardinals- Khalil Greene
San Francisco Giants- Randy Johnson, Bob Howry, Edgar Rentaria
Houston Astros- Mike Hampton, Aaron Boone
Atlanta Braves- Javier Vazquez
Dodgers- Casey Blake
New York Mets- Fransico Rodriguez
Toronto Blue Jays- Matt Clement
Phillies- Raul Ibanez
Milwaukee Brewers- Trot Nixon
Kansas City Royals- Coco Crisp
Oakland A's- Matt Holiday
Colorado Rockies- Huston Street

In addition some notable free agents are still looking for new homes including Ken Griffey Jr. and Jason Varitek.

So what's a player and/or team collector to do? Do you feel compelled to acquire rookie cards of players now on your team or do you just start from the year they joined?

If your player was on your team, will you follow them and collect their cards featuring the players new duds?

Discuss . . .


tastelikedirt said...

In general, here's how I see it.
I'm an A's fan I like to buy cards that document a particular season...or, I should say I'll take all the A's cards I can get. Then I sort them in binders by year. So I more or less can look through the years of cards and see who played, or be reminded of players on the team in any particular year.

night owl said...

If a player leaves my favorite team, then I stop collecting him. And if a player joins my favorite team, I have no interest in the cards of him before he arrived on my favorite team. The only rule I have: He must be wearing the correct jersey.

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