Monday, January 5, 2009

NFL Wildcard Weekend- Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Ed Hockuley is off the hook.

Chargers punter Mike Scifres is not only the game MVP but the weekend MVP. Has a punter ever gotten a game ball? Six punts averaging 52.7 yards, all inside the 20 and 3 inside the 10?!? Talk about winning the battle of field position.

Kurt Warner is the comeback player of the year.

Remember when Donovan McNabb got benched?

Tavaris Jackson should have stayed benched.

Now Adrian Peterson knows what it felt like to be Walter Payton.

Chad Pennington picked the wrong game to have his worst performance of the year.

Wow!! Baltimore's defense currently looks Super Bowl worthy.

Why isn't Philip Rivers in the ProBowl?

LT who? Darren Sproles is a stud.

Why did a 12-4 team (Indy) have to travel to an 8-8 team (San Diego)?

NFL Cheerleaders are hot!

Matt Ryan is going to be an exceptional NFL quarterback.

Beckett dork and proud CardGeek, Larry Fitzgerald likes to beat on women and currently has a restraining order against him. Way to pick a winner.

Baltimore Ravens Safety, Ed Reed, is unbelievable. Mental note for 2009 fantasy draft.

Ron Rivera's defense frustrated Peyton Manning ALL DAY.

Lovey Smith is an A-Hole for getting Rivera fired from the Bears.

Card value upticks- Darren Sproles, Matt Ryan, Ed Reed, Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco


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