Friday, January 9, 2009

Tim Tebow and the Gators

Let me start by saying that I usually root against Florida because I'm a Big Ten guy and disdain the arrogance of the SEC. They're a better conference as of late, I'll give them that but I just don't like 'em ok?!?

That being said, I must admit that I was rooting for the Gators last night in the BCS National Championship against Oklahoma (poor Bob Stoops). The reason is quite simple. I've grown to become a fan of Tim Tebow.

An impressive all-around athlete, his off-field accomplishments and endeavors are a refreshing change from the typical media attention paid to athletes whose conduct and behaviour is less than worthy of role model status. Even in collegiate athletics year after year the sports pages are frequented by DIU arrests, domestic abuse charges, shootings, sexual assault allegations and more. It's nice to see a young student athlete grounded in his principals without being preachy or "holier-than-thou" and yet command such respect that he is a natural born leader.

There have been many arguments on whether Tebow's game can transistion to the NFL. Typically option-style quarterbacks have been largely ignored by NFL GM's. Tebow is going to be another story. Reason being, and I know it's cliche, but he has a tremendous upside. Not only is he a proficent running quarterback, his passing stats don't lie.

Couple that with his size and athleticism with his charisma and leadership skills and I think you have a quality pro prospect.

The debate has already started on sports talk radio and the blogsphere on where he ranks as an all-time college player. In my opinion he is easily in the top five after looking at this widely accepted list ranking by ESPN.

If Tebow returns for his senior year and even closely replicates his achievments over the last 2 seasons, there isn't a doubt in my mind he will go down in history as the best NCAA football player of all-time.

Talk about having a lot going for you, and have you seen his girlfriend?!?!?

Talk about smokin' H-O-T!!


Gellman said...

I root against Tim Tebow. To think that he doesnt have a holier than thou aspect to his persona is crap.

Look a little deeper into him and his beliefs and you will realize exactly what he is about. If the Vikings draft him I will flip a shit.

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