Saturday, February 7, 2009

Card Corner Radio: Steven Judd Interview!!

Tune into a great show featuring an interview with
Steven Judd of the Sports Card File.
We ask him some very pointed questions about the industry
and Steven tells it like it is.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, no one should listen to this guy. His stories are distortions of the truth. Sour grapes because he was fired from each card company. He talked a good game, but brought nothing to the table at each of the companies. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much right on with your assessment. The guy was hired by companies to find out what the other companies were doing. When he had limited info and had nothing new to add in product development, he was dismissed. Just an angry guy who thought he knew more than everyone else, but his ignorance and lack of professionalism were too much to bear. He is now a punchline in the industry.

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