Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Collecting Treadmill

Stop this thing I wanna get off.

Do you ever feel this way about your collecting pursuits? The never ending chase, the one more card, the waiting for new product to feed your jones? Maybe it's because the new year is well underway and the card companies are once again spoon feeding us again like toddlers on a feeding schedule. First with their respective flagship products, then the "kid-friendly" low end sets like Opening Day, First Edition, Draft, Prestige, etc.

I think part of it is the repetitive nature of the product release schedule. We know what's coming and when and as a collector we either wait anxiously, or pay little attention, looking ahead to the product we are really waiting for. I still haven't finished last year's sets and now I'm already behind on this year's. That, in and of itself, is frustrating.

The Hobby needs a breath a fresh air, some landscape changing innovation that throws a monkey wrench into the whole gerbil wheel of the product release schedule.Whether that is a shake up in the schedule itself thus breaking the monotony of routine, some new brands, or the return of added value like high end box-toppers, it's time the manufacturers do something, anything truly different.

I have my own thoughts and ideas which I have expressed in the past as many of us have had in the blogsphere, but I'mcurious to know your take on the topic of The Collecting Treadmill.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I almost got to the point where I quit completely a couple years ago. I had been a completist player collector, and things just weren't working for me.

I broke those up, moved onto a player where I was 8 years behind, and completion wasn't an option and I am much happier. I only buy cards I like, rather than feeling obligated to buy every card with Josh Hamilton.

A hobby is supposed to be fun. Sometimes things need to be reevaluated so that they are actually fun.

night owl said...

I love completing sets. But I am realistic and realize I probably won't complete every one I try.

As long as I have bloggers to trade with, I will be content to complete what I can and then rely on trades to finish off the rest. And I completed the only one I really wanted to complete this past year in A&G.

The arrival of the 2009s is a little stressful, but I find that if I stick to that formula, I'm happy.

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