Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally!! Someone Takes on Beckett and eBay

In one fell swoop, a hobby entity has emerged with the capital and know how to take on Beckett Media and eBay. Mike Smeth, Owner and President, of The Cardboard Connection has rolled out a new 2.0 version of their site that incoporates Social Networking and a Market Place, featuring both fixed price and auction-style selling formats.
With eBay's ever increasing gouging of sellers and Beckett's ridiculous fees to be a market place member, The Cardboard Connection provides a cost-effective alternative who popularity will grow expotentially through viral marketing.

You can access any of the portals from The Cardboard Connection homepage or use the links below for even easier navigation.

As collectors we have ranted about Beckett and as sellers we have ranted about eBay. Here is an opportunity to put collecting and hobby related resources back into the hands of collectors. So I encourage you to take advantage of some of the resources the site provides and spread the word.

Mike is making himself available for interviews, questions, site feedback and more and you can reach him on his email at


Gellman said...

i just joined, pretty cool.

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