Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Personal 500 Home Run Collection Conundrum

I need to find a forger. Why? To help complete my 500 Home Run Club autographed baseball collection. Many of you understand the notion of being a completist and this is the crux of my problem. I have long accepted the idea that I could be happy with my collection knowing, that in all likelihood, that I would never acquire signed baseballs of Mel Ott, Jimmie Fox, and Babe Ruth. I also am content knowing that Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams will probably have to wait until my girls are out of college.
What has had me frazzled for the last few years and has resurfaced with the whole A-Roid thing, is what to do about the steroid-era players. Those that are guilty, have been accused, implicated, alleged, or whatever.

The two notable exceptions, until indespitudedly proved otherwise, are Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas. My reasons for this can be found in the comments of a previous post here. No the real problem is with the likes of Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Barry Bonds, Jim Thome (who because of some personal interaction, highly highly doubt . . .but), Manny Rameriz, and Gary Sheffield (assuming he doesn't have some tragic accident preventing him from playing) and of course Alex Rodriguez.

So back to my need for a forger. I'm thinking two balls. One with signatures of the "for sures" (Sosa, Bonds, McGwire, A-Rod, Sheffield and Palmeiro) and one with the "played in the era" (Rameriz, Thome). Or I could just put all of them on one, or I could just say, "Screw it, the numbers don't lie, regardless", and pony up the money for authentic signatures.

What's a completist to do? Cheat like the cheaters or spend my hard earned cash on them?


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