Monday, February 23, 2009

Upper Deck Are You Listening?

I have the solution for what to do with your Documentary dilema. I'm sure on the drawing board this seemed like a great idea as it is a product that answers the seemingly constant chatter and complaining from those pesky set-builders (sic). However, if the rapid decline of the products' SRP on dealer websites is any indication, this product can only be classified as a flop.

However, all is not lost. I think the product can be successful if the pack-out configuration and distribution channel is overhauled. Documentary, in essence, should be targeted, geared for and distributed to the team collector. Much like Parkhurst Original 6 in hockey a few years ago, that featured hobby boxes by team, why not do the same thing with Documentary? I can't be alone in stating that I personally, would be much more inclined to buy this product if it were team specific. It would transcend the basic team set to a whole new level that would actually be unique and kind of fun to collect.

In addition, instead of waiting until the end of the season to release the product, thus putting it at a competitive disadvantage against the eagerly anticipated releases of the new season's product, why not split it into a Series 1 and Series 2. Reason being, that attempting to put together even a team oriented set of this size together so late in the year just isn't going to be realistic to most collectors.

Finally, produce the product with no parallels and no game-used jersey and autographs in pack-out. Now before you say, "We can't to that, no one would buy it.", hear me out. Collectors who successfully complete the entire team set would be entitled to receive some team-themed insert type reward. For example, (1) game-used card, (1) dual game used card and (1) autograph card or some combination thereof that would be equal to what a typical hobby box would contain, plus a little something extra to entice collectors to purchase multiple boxes to complete the set. My thought is that 90% of the set should be attainable with a (2) box purchase per series. For the additional 10% of the set, embrace social networking and create and facilitate a micro-site where collectors could congregate make trades, upload their set progress, etc. The micro-site should require registration via the UPC codes of the boxes purchased to insure that only collectors of Documentary are allowed to use the site.

You could take this idea to the next level for the few people that would actually attempt and complete the entire Documentary set for the entire league and allow them to choose (1) custom, made to order multiple game used card AND (1) custom made to order multi-autograph card.

Product and brand managers, the ball is in your court. If you want Documentary to have a remote chance of succeeding, incoporate these changes into the product's '09 configuration. . . . or at lease some of them.


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