Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Bad Christmas Gifts Go Good

First off, it is really the thought that counts, so if by some ridiculous coincidence my Aunt ends up reading this, . . . thank you and no offense.

However, as a collector, and knowing I am a Cal Ripken collector, would you rather have this:

or this:

Dumb question, I know. This is one of the "Signing Bonus" box toppers from 2003 Absolute Memorabilia. I have always loved these pieces and have wanted one for my Ripken collection for a long time. Yesterday my goal was realized as I took possession of this beauty.

I haven't been able to afford to buy one outright because when they do come up for sale on eBay they are typically over $100. Thank God for the "Email Me Updates to this Saved Search" feature. I go an email about this peice with a BIN of $50. It just so happened that I has sold Aunties Christmas gift (which I would never have used in a million years even if there wasn't a single deodarant stick on the planet) for $30. So you got it, my NET cost out of pocket $20.

Numered 99 of 200 with a gray road jersey swatch, this piece displays beautifully. In addition the jersey swatch shows heavy wear as there are snags and dirt in the fabric (like from sliding).

Needles to say I stoked!!


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