Friday, March 6, 2009

Know the Source

The uproar created by Autograph Alert’s recent allegations against Upper Deck and Razor and their use of suspect Presidential cut autographs made we want to do a little research to find out exactly who is the author and operator of that website. Knowing first hand how cut-throat the autograph authenticity industry can be, I’m glad I did because as it turns out, Steve Koschal is a very disgruntled industry “expert” tied to numerous allegations of fraud, forgery and deception. Once a well respected industry insider with notable credentials, Mr. Koschal has run into some serious criminal allegations.

The International Autograph Collectors Club and Dealers Alliance or
IADA-CC confirms that Autograph Alert is run by Mr. Koschal.

A search engine inquiry provides too many results to provide a concise synopsis, but suffice it today that it is always important to know the source of an allegation before finding someone immediately guilty. For those wanting to learn more about who is exactly behind the so-called "news" at Autograph Alert, please feel free to do your own research by reading any of the following articles: The testimony of two experts hired by Daniels to testify that some of the autographs on the photos were forgeries was excluded by the judge. Kincaid said neither Richard Simon nor Stephen Koschal "possess sufficient skill, knowledge or experience in the fields in which they were asked to render opinions." successful lawsuit against Koschal censure of Koschal fakes include ( Koschal was the President now he is kicked out and shunned koschal published fake Armstrongs as real so he could sell his forgeries more of the same


Anonymous said...

Its a frustrating situation to be in, for those who are producing the cards, and those who are buying, or looking to buy.

At best, all anyone can offer on these signatures is an educated opinion on their authenticity. Inevitably - opinions will conflict. People argue over trivialities every day - a situation like this is bound to bring some heavyweights to the table.

The internet is great for pointing out situations and drawing attention to potential problems - but the fact is - anyone can start a blog or a website. A few well placed google hits, and things get blown up.

All I know for sure is that I am glad I am a spectator for this one.

Wax Heaven said...

You sound like Tony LaRussa defending Mark McGwire after Jose's book came out.

This guy may have been a dirt bag, been sued, and even a forger but that does not change the fact that he broke the news that some Razor autographs were not authentic.

Who better to find the dirt than someone directly involved in it?

Gellman said...

Mario, thats exactly how I feel. Just because the guy is a jail bird, doesnt mean he isnt right.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

In looking at this topic it just seemed to me that all of these people (authenticators) hate each other becasue each has f#$%$ over the other financially due to the nature of the business.

I am not questioning the validity of the argument as Brian's response is obviously in agreement to rectify the problem. I'm just saying that there are two sides to every story and that the source always needs to be taken with a grain of salt

Schoval has a personnel vendetta aginst Reznokiff and that can't be ignored

Gellman said...

I agree that its most important that Razor owned up and got their stuff rectified.

If there is a problem, you gotta address it. Seems like they are on top of it. God only knows about the cut sig product they had.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Steve Koschal has been involved in every scam in the business. He mixes lies with truth to serve his agenda. He is a dangerous man.

Anonymous said...

This bickering is a dailey soap opera on the web it seems.It's to a point none of the so called authenticators that choose to hurl insults back and forth are believeable.I'm not a fan of any involved in this childlike back and forth B.S.chatter.Koschal is no better nor worse than Darvick,Epperson or all the other ones choosing to use smear tactics against one another.They use to be quite buddy-buddy at one time and noone should use any of their services of authentication until they prove they can act adultlike.

autographauthenticatorsarecutthroatbabie said...

The person who posted this is probably Darvick,Epperson or another one of the immature idiots involved in this garbage anyway.One only need notice this posting is pure propaganda as is usual with this band of morons.Koschal has run into serious criminal allegations,he sells serial killer John Wayne Gacy's work,he is a master forger,blah,blah,blah.It goes without saying how well written this posting is and how conviently the one posting this nonsense has every discrediting link he could muster up.You know first hand how cut throat the autograph authenticity is because you are one of the cut throats who take part in it! LOL

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