Friday, March 6, 2009

My Conversation With Brian Gray

Part of being a man and a person of integrity is admitting when you are wrong or having to retract something erroneous. In all fairness, I probably hadn't given Brian enough time to respond to my email, before making my last post, because less than 48 hours later, I just concluded a nearly 30 minute phone conversation. I will fill you in on the full details later today but one thing I'll share quickly is that Razor has tracked down the two cards mentioned in the article on Autograph Alert from March 3rd and an agreement has been reached between the company and the two collectors in possession of the cards, to have both cards reauthenticated by an agreed upon 3rd-party. In addition Autograph Alert has provided an update to its own story today, having been directly contacted by Brian Gray.

More to come later today.


Anonymous said...

"Brian Gray also stated in our conversation that the suspected auto-pen signature of Richard Nixon was created before his tenure at Razor started"

Brian is the owner of Razor, therefore he has been there from the beginning. How then was the card created before his tenure at Razor started?

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