Saturday, March 14, 2009

T-51 Murad- A Histroy Lesson

Before embarking on a review of this, at first glance, odd appearing set, a history lesson is in order. The Murad College Series, originated as a tobacco or cigarette card, and were originally issued from June 1909 through September 1910. The original set consists of 6 groups of 25 cards. These cards are cataloged as the T51 series and measure 2 1/16" x 2 11/16”. The cards depict pennants and seals of 150 different colleges and universities. The majority of the cards showcase a picture of athletes competing in one of numerous sports or some other recreational activity. The first two series, #1-25 and #26-50, had a second edition produced in the fall of 1910 through 1911. Most of the cards are stamped on the back with a distributor’s number and each pack came with a coupon that could be exchanged for a larger version of the first series once the consumer had accumulated 15 coupons.

Most collectors consider the four cards in the set depicting basketball and featuring Northwestern, Xavier, Williams, and Luther colleges, to be the very first basketball cards . . .


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