Friday, March 13, 2009

T.S O'Connell Loses Hobby Credibility

Below is a comment I left in response to the weak-assed, gushy, industry collusive post made by O'Connell on his blog Infield Dirt .

"It would be nice to see someone at SCD actually conduct a hard-hitting investigative piece updating the events that took place at the National last summer.

There has been scant news on that topic for several months, and then we come to find out that Mastro Auctions is dissolved and VP of Acquisitions Brian Marren is out.

These are only some of the questions that need answers:

What is going on with the FBI's investigation?

Have any charges been filed?

Was the dissolution of the company and release of Marren done to avoid charges ala a backroom plea deal?

Come on, give us some sports collectibles journalism that only someone with your credentials and contacts can provide the consumer and the collecting public.

If the industry media isn't going to be a watch-dog to the alleged criminal activity and abuse of public trust that Mastro Auctions has been accused of, who will?"


James said...

I got an email from TS after reading your blog and posting a comment on his Infield Dirt blog.

He was cool about it and just said he hasn't found any facts out there to report on it.

You bring up some great points.

Anonymous said...

The odd thing is O'Connell and SCD never seem to find any facts about anyone, particularly advertisers.

TangledWeb said...

Where are all of them now? Gone, long gone...Topps gets a Kudos for their sticktuitiveness, they have been there since early fifties

vintagedegu said...

Blast from the past. I can see how T.S. was in a tough spot, and I'm sorry I was too rough on him personally at times at his blog, here and elsewhere. Hopefully he's doing ok these days.

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