Monday, April 13, 2009

Arghh F@#$in' eTopps

In mid-January eTopps released Superbowl Champions on an Allen & Ginter design. I posted here about the Walter Payton card I purchased. I was frustrated that I would not be able to take delivery until early April. Last week I logged in to confirm the availablity date which was April 9th. I was a couple days early. I had planned to check back on the ninth, take delivery and use my stupid reward point for S&H. I forgot until today, so I logged in and waht did I find.

New Availablity Date- 5/11/2009



Todd Uncommon said...

As a long-time eTopper, this is one of the areas of the program I have gripes. They seem to have frequent "production quality issues".

Even though I do appreciate their desire to be able to ship appropriate quality cards, the added delays can be frustrating.

It's funny how the nimble, Internet-based method of offering cards can be very timely (select suddenly popular players, mock up a design, and take orders), and the delivery can take so long that the season is already over, or that player has cooled off ages ago.

It's frustrating to go into it thinking that you can take delivery of a card shortly after it's offered, and then end up having to wait at least a month or two, and possibly longer, to get it.

Mike Allen said...

E-TOPPS customer service sucks! I have emailed then via the E-TOPPS website 4 times in the last 60 days to find out when I can take delivery on 3 Allen and Ginters SB cards that I bought last year. Not one reply from E-TOPPS. I finally got through on the customer service phone number today (on hold for 14 minutes). They said that they have had the cards printed three different times, but, all of the printed cards did not meet their standards. They did say that all of the cards will be re-printed and available by the end of March, 2012. We will see.

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