Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Baseball Card Cross Promotion Opportunity

If there was ever a missed marketing opportunity by all parties involved in MLB licensing, this is it:

Big Leauge Chew has been a staple of little league baseball players since I was in T-ball in the mid to late Seventies. Sure enough, every spring, BLC makes it's return to store counters and end caps from Walgreens to 7-Eleven.

With all the lip service paid about bringing kids back into the hobby, I can't think of a better opportunity than for Upper Deck to partner with William Wrigley (BLC's manufacturer) and produce an exclusive 20 card set and have one card inserted per pack of gum. What a kick in the teeth it would be to Topps to have baseball cards associated with a gum that tastes good and kids actually like.


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