Wednesday, April 15, 2009

eBay Seller Changes

In an email sent to sellers, eBay announced the following:

In the spirit of partnership with our sellers, eBay is consolidating most changes into two releases in 2009, and giving you the lead time you need to adjust and take full advantage of the updates. Here's an overview of the first release, scheduled to go live the week of June 15.

All of these updates are designed to drive more buyers to eBay and more sales for you--while making it easier and more profitable for you to sell.

See all the specifics


David said...

As time goes on and people become more adept as using eBay things like this are going to happen. I know that a friend of mine had an issue with eBay but she spoke to them and together they were able to work it out. By and large eBay is very good and I've never really had that many problems with them.

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