Thursday, April 9, 2009

eBay vs the Becket Marketplace

With the ever increasing fees and restrictions on eBay, I am on the lookout for new venues to sell cards. I know Sports Buy is an option but the user interface bugs me. Card Board Connection doesn't have enough users (yet).

Out of sheer principal I can't believe I would even consider this, but the Becket Marketplace has users (who pay book, LOL), no listing fees and a flat rate of 3.5%, no matter what you sell. I sold a $14.95 card on eBay this weekend thru a BIN transaction and paid almost 12% in final value fees alone.

My question, has anyone ever used the Beckett Marketplace to sell cards and what was your experience?

I am leaning towards just sticking with eBay, like I said , out of sheer principle, because it makes me sick to my stomach at the thought of giving my money to the Evil Empire. However, I have also been getting sick to my stomach with eBay lately.

Is the answer, which makes me sick the least . . . ???

Confused, conflicted, sick.



Anonymous said...

Let me know what you decide, since eBay won't let me sell right now due to my selling rating taking a hit, which takes up to 12 months to roll off.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Well since I havetaken the stand as The Anti-Beckett. I think my fate is sealed

Captain Canuck said...

have you tried Sports Lots? I haven't sold anything there, but I've bought a couple over the last month.
Seems like lots of users (although nothing like the 'bay)

Anonymous said...

Rob, you can always change your stance.

Ebay sucks. The one good thing Beckett has left is the marketplace. Who knows how long that will last though ... they just fired another bunch of employees, including the backbone of the company Margaret Steele. She was the one holding it together, and not responsible for the disasters since Dr. Beckett sold the company.

You can blame Apprise Media Group and Eli Research for those messes. Idiots who know nothing about the hobby ...

Groat said...

I've bought a couple things from the Beckett Marketplace over the past year or so. The things that bugs me the most is the horrible search and the fact that there don't seem to be many pictures. I don't know if the picture thing is laziness or something Beckett doesn't support. Anyway, I've only bought supplies and base cards off there. No way I'd consider making a large purchase sight unseen.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between the Marketplace, and selling on Beckett's site.

Selling through their trade system is what has no listing fees, and 3.5% final value fees. The Marketplace itself is considerably more expensive, but has better exposure.

I haven't bought anything through the trade system, because I've been able to work out trades in most cases. I have made purchases off the Marketplace, and was pleased.

I'd second the suggestion to check out SportLots as well. I've noticed a large increase in cards listed there and they have added some features to help (pictures, offers, etc).

Anonymous said...

"I don't know if the picture thing is laziness or something Beckett doesn't support."

Absolutely not laziness. It's a lack of manpower ... and for that nobody at Beckett can be blamed.

Try this, sit down and scan just 100 cards. It takes quite a bit of time!

Now, imagine the amount of cards in a typical set, in every sport, plus darn near infinite variations, etc.

The card manufacturers don't give images to Beckett, plain and simple. If anyone is lazy, or incompetent ... or UNDER-manned, it's Topps, Upper Deck, Tristar, Donruss ... etc.

The Mojo Hand said...

Sportsbuy if anything.

Justin G. said...

just an idea... but have you given a look yet? No posting fees (as of right now). I posted one card so far and sold it.

J. Sipma said...

I was a Beckett marketplace dealer for five years and had a good experience. I left because the fees got too high as a percentage of sales. But that would have happened anywhere, and I wish I hadn't dropped my inventory detail, which was over 100,000 items at the time.

With regards to scans or photos of cards, the dealer can upload their own scan, which I did for every pre-1980 card I listed, even if there was already one there, so people could see the exact card they were getting. So you can point to the dealer for laziness if there is no photo or scan.

With that said, I am really tired of ebay shenanigans and no opening bids on 99 cent auctions, so I am now reconsidering the Beckett marketplace. FYI, they do have a pretty high monthly fee and some barriers to join.

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