Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Indy Car Series 2009

Open wheel race fans have plenty to be happy about as some of the best drivers in the world reunite after a series split that saw CHAMP and IRL emerge as two seperate and fractionalized series over the last several years. Combining some of the world's best road courses, fastest ovals and great racing personalities true Indy Car racing is back!!

The official league site, provides a race fans dream with a very sophisticated yet user friendly in race interface that allows you to follow different drivers from an on board camera angle. Other features include aan awesome multi-media microsite and the ability to follow the series on Twitter which provides true behind the scenes details.

One of the most celebrated road courses in the world, aside from Monaco, is the Grand Prix of Long Beach which saw Dario Franchetti take the checkered flag last week. This week the circuit moves to Kansas and their partnership with Versus has added an additional media component including a virtual lap here.


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