Thursday, April 30, 2009

Journalistic Integrity- SCD and the Hawaii Trade Conference

This was my comment to a post by Scott Fragle from SCD regarding the Hawaii Trade Conference

Enlightening to some degree I guess. It would be nice however, as a journalist, that you fully report what you found and how it might effect collectors. The only articles I have seen about the Trade Conference are really vanilla in their coverage.It's as if SCD is afraid to give details like its a meeting of some sort of secret society.

What did you specifically find to lead you to believe that Topps maybe in trouble?

Who was the specific manufacturer that paid lip service to a very important industry event that is supposed to shape the hobby's future?

What events were specifically cancelled? (We as collectors, have no idea what this conference entails or these "sponsored" events)


John Clarkson, Time-traveler said...

SCD doing actual tough reporting on advertisers? Perish the thought!

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