Sunday, April 5, 2009

PayPal and eBay- How to work around it

There has been much made in the past regarding the apparent conflict of interest with eBay owning PayPal. Changes in eBay selling and buying policies require that sellers accept PayPal and that sellers pay only via PayPal. That way eBay can double dip the seller by not only collecting fees for the listing and sale of an item but again on the collected payment itself.

So what's a seller or buyer to do? Well the seller simply has to have a PayPal account and have it attached to his auctions or BIN items. However, what is to stop a buyer upon the end of a transaction to simply send payment via check or money order? The little known or little publicized truth is . . . nothing.

The transaction and checkout pages have been modified to make it appear that the seller MUST follow eBay's policy and procedures. Sellers need to make it public via blogs, message boards and other viral marketing that lets eBay buyers know the truth.


scubasteve144 said...

Don't forget that now you can no longer even mention that you accept payments other than paypal in the auction listing itself. Most experienced buyers will ask i they can pay with check or money order. It may take a couple more days but I'll gladly accept and avoid the fees from paypal.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...


Motherscratcher said...

Is there an advantage to the buyer to avoid paypal? I don't know why I'd bother with a check or money order when I just need to click a few buttons.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

None . . . unless you do not have one and thus my point.

I don't appreciate eBay doing anything to limit my potential market as a seller by requiring a single system payment.

While I'm sure at this point the majority of regular eBay buyers use PayPal, what about the occasional buyer?

Anonymous said...

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