Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sports Card File- The Card Company of the Future Post

Steve Judd has posted a very interesting and thought provoking post on what the card company of the future might look like. I would like to encourage everyone to read and participate in the conversation. Read it for yourself here.

The comment I left was really in the form of 2 questions in response to Steve's post.

Licensing will be the KEY issue as you mention. Let's say Upper Deck and Topps were to downsize their operations and produce and market only those lines that reflect their respective strengths. For UD that would be high-end products and for Topps, would be entry level, and set collector oriented brands.

Now let's say a smaller company wants to compete in the high-end market against Upper Deck.

Two questions;
1) Would the "stick to your strengths" model be a viable and profitable option?
2) Would a pro league and its PA grant a price point/product type SPECIFIC license?


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