Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too Many Prospect Sets

Here is a listing of prospect themed products released in the last 12 months:

Tri-Star Projections
Just Minors Mystery Jersey
2008 Team USA
Just Minors Just Autographs
Just Minors Mystery Bat
Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
Donruss Elite Extra Edition
TriStar Prospects
Just Minors Mystery Mini-Bat
Razor Signature Series
Bowman Sterling
Just Minors Mystery Ball
Just Minors Justifiable
Playoff Contenders
2009 Team USA
Tri-Star PRO-jections
Razor Letterman

This seems awfully excessive in light of the fact that;

1) Less than 10% of the players included in the checklists will make a major league roster for anything more than a cup of coffee.

2) Less than 5% will make a big league's club starting line-up.

3) Less than 1% will turn into All-Star caliber players worth collecting long-term.

The above list contains 17 products, more than one per month. Even if you were to subtract Just Minor's memorabilia oriented products that still leaves 1 prospect themed product per month.

Does The Hobby really need these products? I'd like to see a limit put on the number of minor league issues decreased to 6 per year with only 2 companies producing prospect exclusive content. I'd also like to see Bowman lose it's grandfathered right to produce prospect cards.

I think the above criteria would accomplish two things;

1) Allow Bowman to once again return to prominence as "The Home of the Rookie Card", by insuring that they only include "true RC's" in their product.

2) Add legitimacy to the 2 remaining prospect themed manufacturers by creating increased competition and forcing them to insure that they are focused on only the Top 100 prospects and create innovative designs.

What do you think?


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