Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TTM Resource- Autograph Magazine

When I first got into pursuing autographs through the mail (TTM) one of the resources I found helpful and entertaining was a publication simply titled Autograph. In addition to a monthly listing of athlete and celebrity addresses, I found the editorial content truly entertaining and even educational.

One of the writers, whose concentration and contributions are geared towards sports, is a collector/journalist named Tom Talbot. Recently, while browsing the Autograph magazine website, I found an archived listing of his articles which you can access here. There are 16 articles and each is a great read.

A second link on the site here, contains sports related autograph articles from contributing writers.
To view a digital sample copy of the publication click here.


TTalbot said...

Hey Rob,
Thanks for the endorsement---looks like the link is no longer valid but there are quite a few of my columns that have made it to the web. I also write for Sports Collectors Digest now that Autograph and Tuff Stuff have went under.
I can be reached at

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