Sunday, April 26, 2009

You're In The Army Now- When Hobbies Collide

I have always been a military and history buff, and swear that when the History Channel first started programming, that they had been spying on my reading habits.

The sizable library I have assembled and the knowledge contained therein, probably contributed to my deep seeded appreciation for the military and the people who serve for and protect or country.

Baseball and the military have also crossed paths on several occasions in our nation's history including robbing precious playing time from Hall of Famers, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio. Can you imagine their career numbers had they not lost out on those years? Duty, honor, county before baseball. Patriots and HOF'ers!

However, they were not the only Hall of Famers to serve in the military. 2001 Topps Heritage paid tribute to both Whitey Ford and Willie Ways (and others) military service during the Korean War. These Time Capsule inserts include worn Uniform Relics.

Well designed, themed inserts; from the insert title to pictures of them during military service, to the map of Korea complete with a line of demarcation with the 38th parallel.


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