Friday, May 29, 2009

Preview- Not Just Another Madden

How ironic that in an earlier post by Gellman at SCU, he would mention this about the Madden NFL franchise, "As consumers, we would not buy any other form of a product if there were no improvements year to year - with Madden Football as the one exception."

Well ladies and gentleman, how's this for an improvment: Multi-player Co-Op. Sick!!!!

Watch the Trailer Now

VS The Virtual Lap- The Milwaukee Mile

Coming off a great race at Indy, where I predicted 2 of the top 3 finishers, including the winner, the Indy Car Series heads to Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Mile.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


What: Cheick Kongo Autograph
Product: Topps UFC Round 1
Date Redeemed: 3/21/09
Date Received: 5/26/2009
Total Days: 65

The Chicago Blackhawks Can Hold Their Heads High

The fairy tale season came to a climatic end tonight for the young gun Blackhawks. Playing in their 99th game of the season, what started with the team mantra and marketing slogan "One Goal" ended with just that in a 2-1 OT loss to the stacked and talented lineup of the Detroit Red Wings. While the loss stings, the Hawks have nothing to be ashamed of this year.

Read the rest of the article I wrote for

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UD Black Hockey Preview

Upper Deck Setting a standard for excellence, UD Black has quickly become a brand synonymous with quintessential high-end pulls. Led by Rookie Lettermen Patch cards, the supporting cast of 12-swatch gate fold cards, Pride of a Nation manufactured flag patch cards, Game Night Ticket Autographs, and Dual/Triple Trophy Winner cards, UD Black delivers.

Two Awesome cards1 Rookie Lettermen Patch + 1 Auto or Multi-Swatch card

NEW ADDITIONS for 2009-10:
12-Jersey Swatch Gate Fold cards
Black Ice Quad Jersey & Autograph Jerseys
Trophy Winners Dual & Triple version Book cards
One autograph cut + 2 or 3 signatures is an exquisite hit
Lustrous Materials & Pride of a Nation inserts return autographed, all with materials.
Find hard-signed Game Night Ticket cards
One autograph cut + 2 signatures is an exquisite hit

Awesome Inserts:
Gate Fold Cards: 12 swatches with 6-on-6 Rivals, Generations & Cold War themes Pride of a Nation Autographs
Great Manufactured Patch Flags
Unbelievable cut signature cards
Signs of History, Wood Cuts, etc.
Lustrous Materials

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Product Review UD Premier Has Tremendous Potential To Enthrall The NBA Audience But Falls Short Of A Curtain Call

Guest Review: Russ Cohen

If you can remember the days when a 15-card pack of trading cards cost under a 50 cents then you are a long time collector. I can go back further, but I am trying to make a point. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a pack would ever be over $5 so as I am writing today about a $240 7-card pack, I am both ashamed and in awe of the trading card industry. Today I am going to discuss UD Premier Basketball. Yes, it is indeed a 7-card pack that costs a whopping $240-$250 bucks!

Junk Wax Truths: Top 7 Depressingly Cheap Baseball Cards

Hillarious and yet sad look back at some of the most coveted cards from the over-production era. The list appears on a mainstream sports fan website and am linking to it so you don't miss a quality read by Jason Major.

The 400 HR Club Quiz

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sad State of the Hobby- Autographs

Recent dialogue on the blogsphere pertaining to Sports Collectors Digest's, T.S. O'Connell and their "cash cow", Coaches Corner Auctions has really got me pissed. Forget the fact that T.S. O'Connell has soldout his integrity as a journalist to become nothing more than an empty talking head of a once respected Hobby publication, and the corruption that exists between SCD, CCA, and STAT (CCA'S authentication company). If the allegations from the below blog are true, they are blatantantly criminal at worst and completely dishonest at least.

I knew CCA had questionable credentials but I didn't realize to the degree until I read the following piece at
Frozen Pond . For starters, check out this quote; "Just to deepen the conspiracy theory a little, STAT Authentic is run by a gentleman named Ted Taylor who has been involved with SCD as a friend and writer for over 30 years. Taylor apparently also works for Coach’s Corner as their head of Public Relations, and is quoted in a testimonial on their website as saying they are his “number one choice for buying and consigning”.

CCA is FLOODING the market with obvious forgeries and no one is doing anything about it. What's worse, is Sports Collector's Digest is complict in this travesty and what makes me sick is that instead of protecting collector's interest, they have chosen to use their voice in the hobby to defraud the collecting public.

This all started when Mike The Ring Guy, got into a heated debate with T.S. O'Connell on his blog, causing Mike to start his own. Then T.S. O'Connell has the AUDACITY to tell Mike to "leave the blogging to him". The back and forth comments are

In addition, a gentleman has created a series of videos over the last several months, detailing some specific items found on CCA's website that are obvious forgeries. They can be found here on YouTube.

With the amount of material being dumped into the market, who can you really trust and what can be done about this?

A Two-Bagger of Topps Baseball

The recent release of both Topps Series 2 and Bowman, provides the opportunity for collectors to finish one set and get a jump start on another. Packaged for distribution in both Hobby and Retail versions, each product is available in a variety of configurations including loose packs, blister packs, rack packs, blasters, and of course regular and jumbo boxes. We opened a Hobby box of each and enjoyed not only the results but the experience as well, which is an overlooked aspect of collecting today, the experience.

Wow!! I Had No Idea- Griffey Press Conference SP

The "Press Conference" card of Ken Griffey Jr. and his return to the Seattle Mariners, I knew was a Short Print but I had not idea what they were going for on eBay until I pulled one last week from a retail blaster of UD Artifacts/Piece of History. Not being a Mariners or Griffey collector, I knew someone would want it, so on eBay it went. 1 week and 15 bids later, my blaster paid for itself almost 3x over with the final bid topping out at over $57.00. Sweet!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

UD BAP Signature Series Still Brings IT

Every box will yield eight autographs, one rookie redemption and some other exciting content all for the low price of $89.95. This product will excite all hockey collectors that’s for sure.

My best autograph was a dual Evgeni Malkin/Marc-Andre Fleury card. The signatures are solid and the players are two of the best in the NHL. It’s a tremendous card of two Penguins who just may have another chance to win the Stanley Cup again this year.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Topps and the Case of The Ridiculous Photography

As a follow-up to Mario's recent post regarding the quality, or lack there-of Topps photography, check out this card of Ramon Hernandez from Series 2.

Who approves this stuff?

A Baseball Card Movie

Friday, May 22, 2009

T.S.O'Connell The Hobby Has Passed You By

T.S. O'Connell, journalist for Sports Collectors Digest has turned off the comments on his blog.

His reasoning is noted here in his most recent post which is titled, "Online Commentary System Is Deeply Flawed ... ". Please go read this and come back to finish reading this post and comment.

An old school reporter who has produced some great work over the years has repeatedly failed to embrace the new mediums available to The Industry and instead has used his blog as just another editorial venue when in fact, blogs are all about ENGAGEMENT. In his own words, "I have never responded to any of the comments in any fashion. Not once." (The bold is his not mine). Exactly T.S., instead of face the music of criticsim regarding advertiser conflicts of interest, answering legitimate questions regarding your beloved Bill Mastro, you have hid behind a wall that has been long removed thanks to the Internet.

I am disgusted that you, representing a publication that, at times, still provides credible hobby editorial and journalism has failed to engage your audience, instead choosing to piously silence your critics by removing their VOICE.

Go collect your precious '54 Topps and stop pretending to "be involved" in The Hobby that has clearly and sadly passed you by.

Special thanks to Mike at

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Collecting Indy Car

Memorial Day weekend brings more than picnics, grilling, cold beer, sandlot baseball, and basketball pickup games. One of the greatest annual traditions takes place this Sunday, when the green flag drops and 30-something drivers will be vying for the opportunity to "drink the milk" at the fabled Brickyard in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have always been an open wheel race and have had the pleasure of not only attending a 500 but also the US Formula One Grand Prix. This year's field features some of the world's best drivers and some of the sports best known names. A true spectator sport in the since that your chances of ever driving one of these cars is slim to none. However it doesn't mean that you can't get close to the action.

Numerous collectibles exist of not only today's drivers but drivers from yesteryear as well. In addition I have found that Indy car drives are some of the best through the mail signers ((TTM) including legends like Mario and Michael Andretti, Al Unser, and Emerson Fittapaldi.

In 2007 Rittenhouse Archives produced the first Indy car set in several years and featured a 60-card base set and 1 autograph per box including top talent Sam Hornish Jr, Helio Castroneves,
Danica Patrick, and Dario Franchetti. 24 pack boxes can still be found for under $40.

McFarlane doesn't make Indy Driver SportsPicks, yet. So instead figure aficionados will need to turn to the Die Cast genre. An entity in and of itself. Available in numerous scales, and for those of you unfamiliar with the nomanclature, the larger the number behind the "1" the smaller the die cast. Thus 1:18 would be a car 3x as large as a diecust scaled 1:64. Prices vary but are readily available on eBay. I have seen some very cool collections with a die cast of a drivers car beside a an autographed photo or card of the driver.

It really is amazing, that no matter what the sport, their is a universe of collectibles available.
As far as predictions for this year's running, look for last years champion, Scott Dixon or Helio Castroneves.

The Reasons Jake Peavy Should Accept the Trade to Chicago

According to numerous sources, San Diego Padre's ace, Jake Peavy appears headed to the White Sox, pending Peavy's waiving of his No Trade clause.

In case Jake needs any additional reasons to play for a team committed to winning I offer the following;

1) Best pizza in the country. Thin crust, deep-dish, stuffed, you name it.
2) Best steakhouses in the country. Period.
3) US Cellular Field is beautiful.
4) Chicago in the summer-time is truly magificent
5) Oak Street and North Avenue Beaches
6) Monroe Harbor
7) Ozzie Guillen is funny. You never know what he is going to do next.
8) Grant Park- Music and food festivals all summer
9) Chicago Blues Scene

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time For a New Pre-War Era Set?

1909 Ramly T204. Over the last several years we have seen remakes of some legendary Pre War cards including Allen & Ginter, T206, T205, Cracker Jack, Goudey, inserts of B-18 Felts, and probably a couple I am forgetting.

Question: Would you want to see a new release in baseball, with this design?

eBay Policies and Counterfeits

As originally reported by Sports Collectors Daily the following changes are being made to add buyer protection to autographs:

Buyers and sellers shall work in good faith during the resolution process to determine that the item is not counterfeit.

If buyer and seller cannot determine that the item is not counterfeit, buyers are required to send the item back to the seller. Cost of return shipping will be paid by the buyer or eBay, unless both buyer and seller have agreed otherwise.

Covered claims that meet the conditions and are not excluded will count as a violation by the seller of our prohibited and infringing items policy.

If eBay determines the buyer is not acting in good faith, eBay may restrict or eliminate their ability to return items or make future claims.

Sellers shall not list, advertise, or cause that item to appear for sale, barter or trade, on any eBay Inc. web site or service.
My question: Why was this never part of the policy before AND do any of these changes truly change anything?

Baseball Brain Teasers Quiz

Monday, May 18, 2009

First Look- Razor Sports Icons Cut Signature Edition

Target Release: Mid-June
Confirmed cards of:
Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Muhammad Ali, Wilt Chamberlain,
Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods

Fast Cars and Fast Women

The Biggest Prize I Have Ever Seen On A Blog Or Message Board

As you might have seen, Mike and Tony came back from the Hawaii trade conference with a wonderful prize to give away to our members. After much consideration, it was decided by the hockey team that this quadruple autograph of Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr and Mario Lemieux would be given to the Champion of Champions.

Yes to win this beauty, members will have to accumulate points throughout the year in the following contests:

- NHL Draft Predictor- Free Agency Contest- SCF’s Bingo Special- Preseason Contest- Regular Season Pool Contest- Pick to Win league- Olympic Tournament- Show and Tell contest- Scavenger Hunt- Playoffs Pool

For most of these contests, the following championship points will be granted:
1st place 10 points, 2nd place 8 points, 3rd place 6 points, 4th place 5 points, 5th place 4 points, 6th place 3 points, 7th place 2 points, 8th place 1 point

At the conclusion of the last contest, the playoffs pool (2010 edition), the leader in the standings will be awarded with the quad autograph. Please note that staff will be able to participate in the individual contest but will not receive any “race for the quad” points as we are not eligible to win this card. If a staffer wins a contest, the person in second position will receive the maximum 10 points, the third position will get 8 points etc..

However, to be eligible to win the prize, participation on SCF is a must. Therefore, for any long term contest (Free Agency, Pre-season, Regular and Playoffs pool) there will be a minimum requirement of 5 trades made on SCF from the opening of registration of each of four long term contest until the end of it (Therefore a total of 20 trades in the year will be required). DIFFERENT trades must be used to qualify for each contest.

The second qualifying requirement will be to digg every contest this helps getting SCF high up in the search engines.

Please also digg the contest as a whole:

All members must be in good standing to be eligible for the quad auto, what this means is:- No serious infractions: a serious infraction is any infraction worth over 3 points- No suspension: if you get suspended during the contest, you are no longer eligible- No negative feedback during the duration of the contest (any negative feedback received will be investigated)
Participation in all contests is not obligatory but doing so will greatly increase your chances of winning the card.

But for now, get ready to trade on the best trading site hockey collectors and enjoy the 2009-2010 hockey season with our race for the quad!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Goudy Has a . . . uhh "Distinctive" Look

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

2009 UD Goudy has a distinctive look and just like most art pieces either you love it or you hate it. Each box guarantees an autograph and a memorabilia card and for around $80 this set offers good value.
One item that excites me about this set is the rookies are falling at a rate of around 1 in every 2.5 packs. And I only got one mini in my 18 packs. This year the rookie crop seems a little light while we wait on David Price, so Travis Snider and Phil Coke are some of the better names out there at the moment. As the season goes on this could change and it usually does.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

When Bad Redemptions Go Good

Devin Harris does not sign his stickers. Thank you!!!!

The week of March 20th I reviewed and did a Video Highlights of Topps Murad box break. The box produced a Devin Harris Framed Mini Autograph redemption card. While Devin Harris is an excellent player and I know that the framed bordered mini's are serial numbered in very low quantities, I was thrilled by the pull or upset that it was a redemption.

Today, less than two months later, I find this in my mailbox:

A nice letter from Topps Customer Service department, stating, that for reasons beyond their control, they will not be able to redeem the pulled card.

Instead they sent this:

A Topps Signature of HOF'er Isiah Thomas serial numbered to /999. (Excuse the poor crop.)

AND this:

AND this:

AND this:

Now that is what I call customer service!! Thank you Topps.
What I found interesting was that they hardly waited 2 months to decide they were never going to be able to redeem those cards. Why make them part of the set in the first place?
I must say I am pleasantly suprised. So sometimes un-redeemed cards end up in your favor.

We're Back- Card Corner Podcast- NEW EPISODE

Sorry it's been awhile. Russ has been busy with the final touches of his book, 100 Ranger Greats, which will be available soon.

Join Russ Cohen and I as we talk about what's new, what's coming, what's good and what's bad on the card front and on the sports front. Baseball, Football and Hockey Fans will love this episode for sure. Click here to listen OR on the player in the left navigation. Enjoy!!

It's here . . . .

In hand!! Something nice to come home too yesterday.
Used my ePoints for free shipping.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Indy 500- Virtual Lap

Brooks Robinson- Successfully Treated for Cancer

Whenever modern baseball is smacked with another black eye, I always seem to wax nostalgic about players from my youth and some of the legendary greats like Brooks Robinson. Tomorrow is promised to no one and I am glad Brooks is apparantely going to be with us a few more years. Always a willing signer, and one of the tru ambassadors of the game. Living legends deserve our respect and prayers when need be because when they die, it seems like a little piece of baseball dies too. Here's to you Brooks. Baltimore Sun Article

From a collectibles stand point, he has a plethora of material to choose from including both raw and graded copies of his 1957 Topps RC. In VG to VGEx, which is a very respectable condition for cards of this vintage, copies can be had from $100 to $150.

Because of his longevity, and willingness to sign, his autograph prices are very reasonable and single signed baseballs from a reputable dealer can be had for around $65. (I use Rich Altman's Hollywood Collectibles)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogsphere Best Pulls Part 1

I'd like to add to this or create a part 2 becasue I think it would be fun to keep a living, breathing archive of readers best pulls. If you missed out on the contest but want your card added to the Slideshow, just email me at

Here is the code for your own use. You can change the dimesions by editing the width and height. Access via GoogleDocs.


NBA Legends 5 are hitting the shelves this fall -- and today you can be the first to see the new photography. The fifth series of NBA super stars features new releases of fan favorites Magic Johnson and Karl Malone. Be on the lookout starting in October for these players as well as three chase figures in alternate jerseys to enhance your collection.


NFL Legends action figures are coming to retailers this July, and McFarlane Toys has included a surprise for fans and collectors. An extremely rare figure (only 20 made) of the Barry Sanders is being randomly inserted into cases as they are shipped to retailers nationwide starting in July.

Monday, May 11, 2009

And the winner is . . .


Thank you to all that entered. If necessary you can see me verifying the registrants and running the randomizer below.

Thanks again. Cards will ship on Wednesday.

The Blogsphere's Best Pulls Slideshow will be posted and available for use tomorrow night.

So Where's My Card?

My Redemptions at shows that a UFC redemption has been shipped via USPS Certified Mail. They conveniently provide a tracking number. Upon checking at , this is what I find:

Label/Receipt Number: 7006 2150 0000 0788 9661

There is no record of this item.

So WTF?!?!!?

eTopps- A&G Walter Payton Super Bowl Champions Card In Route

About time!!

2009 Topps Finest Has Been Finer

When Topps debuted their Finest Baseball brand, in 1993 it quickly became a collector favorite. The highly coveted refractors from that inaugural set still perform very well on the secondary market as any quick search of eBay will show you. Seventeen years later the tradition continues, and the 2009 release debuts a new pack-out configuration. Most notably a reduction in mini-boxes per box, yet the SRP upon release, was very close to last year’s product. Given the state of the economy and the fact that the industry relies on collector’s discretionary income to generate revenue, it seems very oddly timed to reduce a brand’s overall value, while maintaining its price-point. Mini-boxes still contain 6 packs and 5 cards per pack, one of which will be an autographed letter patch.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Better Be Ready Tomorrow

24 Hours Till Contest Close

If you haven't gotten in yet, check out the contest details on the left for the Blogsphere's best pulls. A random winner will receive anassortment of game used and autograph cards.

Prime Cuys IV Raffle at BoxBusters

Sweet Raffle for FULL box of Prime Cuts IV. $15 gets you in, limited to 15 slots.

Feeling lucky? . . . Well, do ya? . . . Punk.

Enter Now

TTM Autograph Success

Who: Fran Tarkenton

Why: If you've ever seen the
old school NFL films, this guy was the original running quarterback. Not to gain yardage but to scramble long enough to find an open receiver.

Autograph Card

When: 4/7/2009
Where: Home Address
DateReceived: 5/7/2009
Thank you Mr. Tarkenton
Again a special thank you to Chemgod at Badwax for the tip on this willing TTM signer.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Junk Wax and the Garage Sale II

After a long day, the last thing I wanted to do was lug a couple 5000 count boxes back into the house. Lat in the day, a guy and his older (late teens) son were flipping through junk singles and I said, "I'll save you the trouble, take 'em all for $20." He did along with a Magglio Ordonez SLU and a McFarlane for an additional $10. Weekend total in stuff I haven't been able to sell on eBay . . .$88. No shipping, no listing, no fees. Consider me psyched.

Couldn't get anybody to bite on the 1998 UD Collector's Choice Factory Set or the 1993 UD Factory Set or The MLB Showdown Starter Box and 250 booster cards. Oh well maybe next weekend. Or maybe I should F*@% with chemgod at Badwax and put 'em on Craig's List?!?! LOL!!

Sportsology- Dom DiMaggio's Final Interview

Great article from the last person to interview Dom DiMaggio.

Harvey Frommer's Interview

Junk Wax and the Garage Sale

My blogging has been sporadic this week has I have been helping my wife prep for a garage sale. Let me tell you, it's way too much like work.

I took the opportunity to unload some accumulated junk wax. (Yes I didn't actually burn it all.) Search the blog for " Junk Wax" for a How To video. Anyway I set out a few 5000 count boxes organized by sport and put a sign $.5c a piece or 100 for $3 and 200 for $5. I also had about 150 cards in top loaders that were star cards and some rookies from the '90's and marked them $1 each.

Some guy came up with the whole stack of top loaders and asked me if I would cut him a deal. He got 178 for $35. At a quarter a piece for cards that would have been used as wall insulation in my next How To video, I think it was definetly a win-win.

Oh, gotta go more people.

Belated Thank You's

As many of you know I am attemptng to complete the gigantic Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Set. It's not YSL big, but at 2,500 cards it's still quite a challenge. I solicted the help of readers and fellow bloggers and last week I received 3 cards from the Nite Owl, 2 of which I needed!! Thank you good sir!! Others of you I know are stashing some for me and I thank you.

After being totally screwed out of $25 in a wax give-away at BoxBusters (not Ross's fault AT ALL), it was sweet justice that I won his Tristar contest. Thanks again!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Holy Crap!! A Card Company Actually Listened

Call me crazy but check out my post from October 29th, Cards I'd Like to See Produced Part 3, and now look at the preview scan of 2009 Ballpark Collection. Or if you don't like to click around . . . .

My Reggie (above)

Their Reggie (UD 2008 Ball Park Collection)

TTM Autograph Success

Who: Herschel Walker
Why: Loved watching him run through people
What: 1989 ProSet (Turn your junk wax into a legit collectible and if it doesn't get returned, who cares?)

When: 4/7/2009
Where: Home Address Date
Received: 5/7/2009
Thank you Mr. Walker

Again a special thank you to Chemgod at Badwax for the tip on this willing TTM signer.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's that sound . . . .

The sound you hear is Manny's career and the value of his 1992 Bowman RC.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quote from Brian Gray on UD/Razor Ties

Hi, Rob.
We are handling these "allegations" at present and have no comment "for now".

Stay tuned as the drama that is razor, continues to unfold.

Nice scoop by Mario at Wax Heaven

Collecting 101: A Primer On Hobby Venacular

I received an email from a reader who has recently returned to the hobby to share the experience with his young boys and relive some of his youth. He brought up a very good point that many of us take for granted, Hobby lingo.

The Hobby has changed in many ways through out the years and for those readers who are new to collecting or getting back into collecting, I present a Hobby Glossary. I am sure I will forget a few or screw-up a few, so please, in the comments provide a corrected or new term and definition when applicable, so this post can serve as a resource for our returning brethren. So let's get started.

Short Print or SP- A card printed in less quantity than other cards in the set. These are often rookies.

Insert- A subset of the main or base set.

Serial Numbered- Cards produced in a limited, known quantity, stamped and occasionally hand written, the serial numbering is designated as xx/xxx. The theory being, the lower the serial number the more collectible the card.

Parallel- A card similar in look to a base card from the set with some sort of differentiator. Examples, different colored border, serial numbering, etc.

Variations- A card that "varies" in some way from an identically numbered card in the set. For example, the regular version of a card has the player in a home uniform and the variation in an away uniform. Typically used in retro or flashback themed products like Heritage.

Refractor- A card that utilizes a different finish on the card stock to create a "reflective" type appearance. Often found with various color borders. Typically found in brands such as Topps Finest, Topps and Bowman Chrome to name a few.


Common- A standard base card in a set.

Stars- Pujols, A-Rod, Jeter, etc

Semi or Minor Stars- Chase Utley, Lance Berkman, etc

Standard Condition References-
P- Poor, F- Fair, G- Good, VG- Very Good, NM- Near Mint, M- Mint

Card Grading- Having a 3rd party company examine the card for condition and assign it a numerical value from 1-10. 1 being Poor and 10 being Mint. Different companies try to one up each other with half point grading scales and other terms have entered the glossary like Pristine and Gem Mint.

Slabbed- A card that has been graded or authenticated is then encapsulated in a relatively indestructible and tamper proof case.

Book Value (Don't get me started)- An antiquated pricing structure used by only the most moronic of collectors. The advent of the Internet created the ability to sell cards direct to other collectors on a secondary market creating historical data to determine a card's Real Value.

Flagship Brand- A trading card manufacturer's most produced, and readily available set. i.e Topps Series 1 and 2, and UD Series 1 and 2

Brand Acronyms- Upper Deck utilizes several variations of SP which we now know means Short Print. Some of these include SPA - Authentic, SP Legendary Cuts, SPx. Topps has A&G for Allen & Ginter. (Help me out with others guys)

Unlicensed Product- A product featuring retired players or minor league players that is not officially licensed by the MLBPA. Donruss and Razor Entertainment.

Multi-sport Products- Fairly self explanatory. A product containing players from multiple sports. Examples- Sport Kings, Donruss Sport Legends.

TCG- Trading card game. Current on the sports market is Topps Attax.

Game-Used or GU- A card containing what is supposed to be a piece of material worn by a player in a game.

Event used- Similar to above but NOT worn in a game. Might have been worn at a photo-shoot, Draft Day event or other.

Auto or AU- A card bearing an authentic signature.

Premier or high-end product- On the high side of the dollar scale. Products of this type typically guarantee a minimum number of game used and or autographed cards.

Low-end or entry level product- Your more "kid-friendly" products with typical pack prices ranges between $.99c and $3.00.

Patch- A game used card containing a multi-colored jersey swatch typically off the player's jersey numbers, team insignia, or name.

Swatch- The piece of material on a game used card.

Manufactured Patch Cards- Not all cards with a logo, lettering etc are game used. Often they are produced by the manufacturer and are really just another insert.

Cut Signature- An autographed card made using a signature from another source such as a cancelled check.

On-card or hard-signed- A card bearing an autograph that is actually signed on the card.

Sticker autograph- To save time, expense, and delays, companies have started having athletes sign stickers that are then placed on cards. Less desirable than a hard signed card.

TTM- Through the mail. Used in reference to an autograph request sent via mail.

Redemption- A card that is part of the product but was not completed in time for actual distribution upon the product's release date. Most often applies to autographed cards.

UD- Upper Deck

DLP- Donruss Leaf Playoff, now owned by Panini

Penny Sleeve- Individual card holder made of thin plastic. Also called a sleeve.

Top Loader- A rigid card holder.

Snap Tight- A card holder used for thicker trading cards. Come in different thicknesses based on the point value of the card stock. The higher the pt. stock the thicker the card.

Hinged case- Card holders with a hinged lid that come in several varieties to accommodate different quantities.

Magnetic Holder- Similar to a snap tight but held together with a magnetic. Both types often feature diamond cut inlays so the corners of a card do not touch the case.

Junk Wax- Typically referred to cards from an era of over-production, 1986-1994

Vintage- Typically referred to card produce prior to 1970. Some collectors will stretch this to 1973 the last year Topps was produced in more than two series.

High numbers- Refers to vintage cards released later in the season and are the later cards numbered in a set i.e. 600-700.

Craig's List Idiot or CI- A person selling cards typically from the junk wax era with no clue to what the cards are really worth. Avoid at all costs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 Topps Finest Video Box Break Highlights

Just How Far Will Beckett (Sucks) Go?!?!?!?

Talk about acting like a child who takes their ball and goes home. This recent post at BoxBusters details just how far they are willing to go.

It infuriates me that the very same hobby entity, that is where they are today because of collectors, would so callously and maliciously slap them in the face.

They have proved once again that the only interest they serve in the hobby is their own and collectors be damned.

Playoff Prestige Football Preview- NO REDEMPTIONS

Prestige hits streets next week as the first fully licensed NFL product of the year. Releasing just two weeks after the NFL Draft, each Rookie Card features updated team and draft information.

Hobby boxes will contain four game-used or autograph cards per box (with one autograph guaranteed), while eight of the 12 hobby boxes in a case will contain two autographs (on average).

The launch will again feature Prestigious Picks, cards featuring a swatch of game-used material from actual collegiate jerseys worn by players such as Josh Freeman, LeSean McCoy, Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez. NFL Draft Class returns featuring signed embroidered NFL Draft, NFL Shield, NFL Equipment and NCAA patches. Players signing for the set include Chris Wells, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jeremy Maclin, Josh Freeman, Knowshon Moreno, LeSean McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Matthew Stafford, Michael Crabtree and Percy Harvin.
The Rookie Cards fall one per pack, with 10 RCs being short-printed.


Working on reviews and video highlights for Topps Finest and OPC Update Hockey.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

A Piece of History Has Good History and BAD

Guest Review- Russ Cohen

Upper Deck’s 2009 A Piece of History Baseball is an interesting set for a lot of reasons. The first thing is you can get a box for around $60 dollars it might be worth that because of the potential not because of what I got. You can get a lot of rookie cards I got 21 in total, which means they are coming in at a rate of more than one per pack. If there is a rookie you are searching for you might get him in this set, if you are looking for one that is worth a lot then you have to hope your auto rookie is a solid pull.